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I don't post much on the forum anymore, since I haven't been shooting almost at all since out son was born about 2 years ago, but I still keep in touch with some of you, so I thought I would share the news that we had a little girl this past Monday afternoon. Abby was 3 weeks early, and only 6 pounds 5 ounces, and 17.5 inches long.

She has some kidney issues that we have known about for awhile, but nothing life threatening and we are working with a really good Dr. up at the UW Madison Hospital. Other than her kidneys, Abby is doing GREAT.

My wife is doing very well, and said this delivery was a lot easier than the first one. I can believe it, since she was only in labor for about 1.5 hours. Not that I would want to go through that, but comparatively speaking not that bad I guess.

The other good news is that my wife still wants me to get back into shooting, but I don't see that happening for awhile. In the meantime, I have put close to 19K miles on my 06 motorcycle, and that has been keeping me entertained.

Hope to see some of you guys back at the range in the not to distant future.

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