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Timney Trigger Reset?


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I have experimented with upgraded triggers in the past, but settled on just using OEM minus connector and 6# trigger spring. This seemed to improve trigger noticeably without losing that positive reset feel. Just curious how the reset is with the Timney? 

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I have 2 of them in G34 Gen 5s and while they are great triggers the reset is definitely my least favorite part of the trigger. Timney sends a red spring that you are supposed to use with aftermarket connectors that helps a little bit. I have a Zev connector and its a little better. Like anything, you can get used to it. 

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On 8/6/2022 at 3:37 PM, GrumpyOne said:

That is a very deep rabbit hole, easy to get lost in...

302 Stainless Steel Torsion Spring

90 Degree Left-Hand Wound, 0.315" OD

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