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  1. I have had one for a few years. They are accurate little 45’s. The recoil isn’t bad with standard loads, but gets a little snappy with Federal HST 230+p. It still easy to control. I used to carry in a Ritchie Leather OWB. I picked up a Crimson Trace laser guard pro/light with IWB kydex for $80 on sale which has added a little size. I don’t carry it much anymore, but will probably start again this winter.
  2. I picked up a couple of the Vickers Duty mags. They seem like well made mags with base pads installed, but I’m having trouble seating in Les Baer PII. They work fine in my other 1911 45’s, but the Baer, I need to force them in. Has anyone else had an issue with these mags?
  3. I appreciate the responses. I’m going to get the whole trigger kit. I really don’t care for the curved plastic trigger.
  4. I forgot about the ported barrel putting me in open. It’s been a couple years since I have shot a match. If I pick up an after market non ported would that be legal for carry optics?
  5. There is a guy in Buffalo area Braun Concealment that has made a couple holsters for my P365. He makes an IWB with a choice of clip options and an OWB that fits tight. He is a custom kydex holster maker and can make whatever you want for reasonable prices.
  6. I have the performance center M&P 9 (gen 1) with RMR. I recently inherited it and never spent much time with M&P besides firing a few magazines of friends guns. I usually stick with my Glock 17 and now the Sig P320. How does the M&P compare with a trigger upgrade? I really don’t like the plastic hinged trigger. Is the apex flat trigger better? Since it only has the 4.25” barrel Im not sure what to do with it. Since it has the RMR I was thinking of trying in USPSA carry optics.
  7. This is my current set up with stippled grip module.
  8. The legion grip module isn’t authorized. We can have the X Carry grip with either the compact/xcarry slide or full sized slide. We can also have the sub compact P320. I purchased my own, but still limited to what we can use for duty. Also we can only carry 9mm. Our previous issues firearm was the Sig p229R DAK 40. We are also allowed to carry Glock 9mm in gen 3 or 4. I trade turned in my P229 a few years ago and carried my own Glock 17/Glock 26. Now I have the P320 with the P365 combination. I may eventually buy an X5 or the X5 Legion, but still getting used to the P320s. I spent a lot o
  9. I am carrying a Sig P320 X Carry frame with standard slide on duty. I would like to get back into USPSA in Carry optics. The RX slide is available for $299 and comes with Romeo red dot and suppressor sights. The X Carry slide would cost more and looks like I would lose the rear sight. Is one set up preferable for carry optics? Also I picked up an X Compact grip module and was thinking about carrying with the compact grip with a red dot. Anyone have any experience on the Romeo dot quality. If I pick up the X Carry slide I can get a delta point which seems to be a better dot for competition/carr
  10. Thanks! Now I want one, but definitely not inexpensive.
  11. What is a super GP 100? Is it different than the Match Champion? I really like my ruger revolvers and they are easier to work on than S&W or Colt.
  12. I thought LAPD Swat carried Kimber TLE? I haven’t carried a 1911/2011 on duty, but would if they were allowed. Any idea the difference between the Lawman and Staccato?
  13. I just use the OEM minus connector and 6# trigger spring. That alone makes a big difference and only costs about $20-25. Also 100% reliable. I am not an expert in this game, but like to shoot a few matches to improve overall gun handling skills for work as a LEO. I tried some of the expensive drop ins, but found I like to feel the positive reset of the Glock trigger and am used to shooting stock gen 3 for work so with minor mods I see a big difference.
  14. I used to do the same with glocks. I even ended up drifting my rear sight to the right. I ended up getting the SIRT red gun for dry fire practice and after a couple weeks of daily use, I had to put my rear sight on my Glock 17 back in the middle.
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