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Corrision starting on the main shaft of my Super 1050

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First, and foremost I hope you and your family have a tremendous 4th of July.


Unfortunately, I just noticed that I am starting to get some corrision on the main shaft of my Super 1050.  I have 2 dehumidifiers going in my basement and I periodically oil the shaft.  I am actually surprised this is happening as I am located in Connecticut.  Does anyone have fix for this issue as I don't want to ruin my machine?  *** Thank You.

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This is odd for the north-east coast. I live in NJ and have two 550's in my basement and never have experienced any corrosion of any steel part of the presses.

We run a dehumidifier in an opposite area of the basement where my wife stores our winter/summer clothes. Although we are very humid during the summers here in NJ I have not had any problems in my basement; it seems to be the same all year round. I do have a lot of machines with bare steel surfaces there as well (lathes, band saw, drill press etc) and never had a rust issue.

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