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  1. Same here, the Win are a pita with the vibra prime....but they are nice primers otherwise, they are my go-to primers.
  2. Got my 9 mm today and it was the same length as the Dillon dropper die, so I just took the Dillon out and put the alpha dropper in - easy, no adjustment needed.
  3. I use magnum primers, but also have used standard spp. My powder is Vectan 9 1/2, works great for me. I did not see much, if any differences between the primers, but I have no chronograph data.
  4. My order for PD 124 JHP, a case of 3600, is $312 with free shipping
  5. I ordered mine on the 6th of April, and got the shipping notice yesterday, so expect about a month as well.
  6. Just got my shipping notice from PD for a bulk order of 124 JHP I ordered on the 6th of April.
  7. I use them with Prima V, but also load to 1.09".
  8. Coasters....for your cold beer while reloading...
  9. Got the same email, I can wait, I have enough bullets on hand right now, and all our ranges are anyway closed.
  10. I have both Mitutoyo calipers and also cheap ones from Amazon. Do not see any difference in their accuracy at all. I also own a gauge block set (Mitutoyo, Grade 2, or A+) which I use to check my calipers regularly.
  11. I have the same issue with brand new brass, although I spray some Oneshot one them. As soon as I use a shot and dry tumbled case, there is much less force required - guess the fine dust inside helps with the sticking. I use the lube only on the outside, so the inside has no lube. Later with the shot cases, the residues inside help.
  12. I load mine to 1.10" as well.
  13. I use for several years now Titewad, 3.2 gr under Acme 158. Don't recall who recommended it, but it works fine for me, it is quite clean.
  14. Nufinish is what I add to my dry walnut or corncob media. Works fine
  15. I use cheap digital calipers for years. But must say, I also own a gage block set (Mitutoyo Grade 2) and I check my calipers all the time to make sure they are still working correctly. Found that the cheap ones are as good as my Mitutoyo one... Same for my digital scale. I got a check weight set and confirmed the weights on our analytical balances at work. Scale was from Amazon, and I may have spend as much as $20 for it. It really doesn't matter if you spend a lot of money on a scale or a caliper, the important thing is to check them on a regular basis to make sure they are still right on!!
  16. I think I paid something like $54 for shipping a SQD in its box with USPS .
  17. Hornady one-shot, a couple sprays into a ziplock baggie, then add brass, shake and "massage" the brass in the bag, perfect! Just enough lubrication, and no lube inside the cases
  18. Same here, put a sharpie dot on the bearing, it really does spin....without the dot, I sometimes thought it does not.
  19. Not sure if I understand you, but on my 550 the rod is in the roller with the ram down, like in the attached picture.
  20. somehow the rod looks oddly off, it should be sitting in the white plastic roller
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