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  1. Often it depends how the shipper packs the box. The picture is a case of crappy packing!! I buy only from Precision Delta and Acme. Both pack their goods very, very good. Acme puts everything in plastic baggies and these into a wooden box which fits perfectly into the USPS Priority flatrate boxes. PD has their bullets in a thick plastic bag, and this fit very snuggly into a flat, heavy duty cardboard box, and these flat boxes are then fit into a properly sized HD card board box. Never had an issue with either one.
  2. Found half of the last one that snapped some 12 feet away on another work bench - behind me where I normally stand - must have flown right by my head. The other half had snapped in two pieces and one was close by the press, the other one is still unaccounted for. You see they can be quite dangerous, so wear protection for you eyes.
  3. Just did the same a week ago, ordered the e-clips and pins fro Dillon. I have so far broken 4 or five of them, mainly when I load 38 spl, and one each in 9 and .45. All of the clips had several thousand of rounds loaded. In my case, they break and the parts fly all over my shop. Remember, always wear glasses when loading! Not only can primers blow up on you, but you can get hit by small steel pieces from the disintegrating clips! When I change the clip, I also change the pins.
  4. Just loosen the screws on the powder measure and twist it until the rod is straight.
  5. I just watched the videos on their website, and it looks for me very similar to the kinetic hammer I have. No way you pull 150 .45 ACP in 10 minutes.
  6. Yup, this is the best!! I used the grip-pull and also the kinetic hammer pullers. Both do not perform as well and as quick as the RCBS collet puller. Last week I pulled some 150 rounds because one had probably a double charge, and it took me some 40 minutes. Could never do this fast with the kinetic puller. All parts were re-used without a problem and shot all fine.
  7. Pulled about 150 .45 acp. I think - actually, I am pretty sure - one had a double charge. My wife came down to the shop and asked me something, I guess this was when the mistake happened. Brain was a bit slow to recognize it, and it went down the chute. Took me about 20 minutes to pull them - using RCBS collet puller. Was a good investment to get this. Later I have to resize them and load again. Removed the pin out of the decapping die. Better safe than sorry!!
  8. Last Tuesday and today I was out for the first time this year....shot a total of 500 rounds 9 mm and 98 of .38spl (why 98, because I can reload my 686+ 14x and have not a single round left in the box) - this means, I need to reload more.....
  9. I have both, and I think the Armanov is a bit tighter. Like the flip cover, but it does not work for the shockbottle.
  10. Use Titewad for year in .38spl, works fine for me.
  11. Reloaded some 200 9 mm to finish off the S&B primers I had on hand, now its all Winchester for the next year or two.
  12. today I was shooting so I can reload more....
  13. Not much, other than unpacking 10k primers from Brownell's.
  14. Started with xtreme, then switched to ACME, and after some issues with them,then I went to Precision Delta a few years ago and never looked back.....
  15. "Large Fart funnel", let this sink in....
  16. Walnut with Nufinish, two caps of it. After some use, I add another cap. When it gets dirty, I replace this mix and make a new one. The walnut I use comes from the pet store, it is lizard bedding.
  17. Lighter bullets mean normally a higher load on the powder, so when you load 124 with 5.4-5.6, I would assume the proper load for 115 should be slightly above this.
  18. True, I load my PD 124 RN to 1.14 and the JHP 124 to 1.10 - all work well with Walthers, Glock, Sig and some others. But then, I am just a hobby shooter and do not compete.
  19. Hate they make both size primers in .45 brass....I am sorting before every run, just to be safe, and from time to time, I find a small primer round. I shoot in a indoor range, and the range guys know I take my brass home and they often sweep the brass from other shooter towards me....make sure you check every round you take home from the range!!
  20. Metering very consistent in my 550.
  21. I started with a 9 mm SDB, then added another one for .45......then I started reloading .38 spl, and realized, it is time to upgrade. Now I have two 550's, one is set for large primer for .45; one for small primer and there I reload 9 mm and .38 spl. The latter one I do in batches of 500-800 a time, then re-set to 9 mm - takes less then 3 minutes.....as I have two complete set-ups with powder measure, dies etc. Just pop the connecting rod out, remove the tool head and put the other one in, change shell plate and pins, re-connect the rod, done....
  22. True, seems to be most with CBC and Herters brass for me. Other brass makes are fine.
  23. Same here, works like a charm, much better than the hammer thingies, never liked them. One can do quite a number with the collet puller. The collets come in all mind of sizes. Use mine with a simple lee single stage press.
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