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  1. So, it arrived here yesterday with the mail. I installed it today, took maybe an hour as I was going upstairs to watch some part of the video and then down in the shop to do the next step. You need a couple of metric hex keys, so they did not tell you this, glad I have a set as well. It works just fine, as shown in the video. The only hard part was to get the part that sits on top of the primer outside tube was very tight and it took me maybe some 10 minuets to get this on; one would need three hands, two to pry the slit open and the third one to push the unit onto and down the tube. Only one problem I have seen so far is that the cases are not really supported during the step 1, the re-size/prime - the original Dillon setup has the little wire spring....and this one has nothing as they need the path clear. So, if you go too fast, the case may not be perfectly aligned and this gives you issues with setting the primer. Slowing down a bit helps to improve this, I also found that some cases are more prone for this. Other than this, just works like it should be and you keep the hand on the handle. The reloading process is a bit faster. I keep this on the one press with the small primers for 9 mm and also 357 mag - just need to change the red tube and the spacer.
  2. Make sure to call them and get a confirmation when you want to go there.
  3. Ordered one yesterday, will see how this will work out. Height-wise, I just fits onto my 550, the Dillon Monster would be too high (at least from what I saw in pictures). DAA told me the mini casefeeder is 27" high from the above tool head (I have about 30").
  4. Yes, the good old days...I remember I got them the very cheapest at $17.99 when they had some kind of sale, and I had quite some Cabela Club points on my card, so I took them home for free...wish I could get them now for $30/k. Never had an issue with them.
  5. This is where I got mine from. Very fast delivery.
  6. Scroll down a bit here and you see info regarding this recall, guess the powder charge or the powder was the issue.
  7. much less than new ones....but joke aside, collect them and bring them to your local metal scrap place. I think the last time I dropped brass off it was something like $2.50/lbs. - a mix of brass and spent primers.
  8. Thanks, they arrived today here in NJ!! Ordered on Wednesday afternoon about an hour after I saw this post - this was the fastest bullet shipment I have ever seen (Priority Mail!!).
  9. PAL is the way to go, had two Vibra Prime and never got them to work, even with the the recommended fixes that were posted here.
  10. I have no clue why he used SS, probably he had some in the shop available.
  11. 20 oz, they are machined from stainless steel. Guess one could 3d print and put some weights in (maybe some fishing lead, as bullets are too precious now...).
  12. I have these weights that are fitting into the powder hopper. A friend of mine's father made them years ago, and they just work fine. At the moment I am using Prima V 3.9 grains for 124 JHP's and I check only from time to time, but the range I am getting is 3.88 - 3.92, which I think is quite good. I still do check a few drops at every beginning of a reloading session, adjustments are rarely needed.
  13. There is a lot of crap brass out there lately...guess due to the ammo shortage, a lot of brands I never heard of coming out now. I still sort all my brass after cleaning (range pick up, mine is often mixed with others brass), and some goes straight to the scrap bin (brass scrap prices are good right now). Also see a lot of military brass lately.
  14. It's not....all kinds of brass through my PPQ's showing this. Aguilla never gets in any of my guns, they go to the scrap yard.
  15. Yes, all the cases out of my Walther's look like this.
  16. Update: from the last box of LP I used (the one marked March 2017) I just had three rounds out of 200 fail. Guess its is the primers.....the other boxes (from the same delivery I guess) had no problems and I never experienced any with SP and have used thousands of them. One of the three rounds finally fired after the third attempt, but two did not at all. Too bad I tossed them in the box at our range for bad ammo, should have taken them home and open them up and analyze.
  17. Get your money back, contact your credit card company. Find someone who delivers when selling bullets, there are many they do; Precision Delta, Acme, DG
  18. That's odd, in the last 4-6 weeks or so, I got 124 JHP twice and 230 acp once from PD, so keep looking - I should be good for quite sometime.
  19. Odd that you find primers and no bullets. I think bullets are the easiest components to be found for reloading right now, the primers are the unicorns... Check out Precision Delta, I was lucky several times during the last 12 months or so. Just need to keep an eye on their website. if they have what you want, do not hesitate -order!!
  20. So, ordered on the 13th 2k .45 acp from precision Delta. Today the FEDEX van backed up into my driveway and Ann the driver got out and I walked to the truck and picked one box up. She brought the second and asked right away "whatcha reloading??", and so we started to chat a bit about reloading. She and her husband are hunters and shooters and also reloading. We had a good talk where to get stuff these days. This made my day, that had started a bit s#!tty for me...Got to love PD and their super fast order fulfillment (and the friendly FEDEX driver).
  21. Ordered on the 29th of April from Precision Delta, they came in yesterday (9mm 124 JHP). USPS, my mailman was not too happy to slep the box from his truck to my door steps, but the box and what was inside were OK, no damages. They double up on the flatrate box, so it is sturdier, plus the ammo boxes inside fit like a glove into the box. .
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