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9 major help - pressure sign?


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Tested a load this morning. They're not completely flattened, but they definitely don't look like an unfired primer. These are rifle primers, so they would be harder as well.


Is this fine or should I back off? If it's too much pressure, Would you increase the oal or reduce the powder?

Accurate #7 - 9.8gr

Precision Delta 124g - 1.15 OAL

PF - 172

CCI - Small Rifle Primers.


Shots: 6
Average: 1390 ft/s
SD: 9 ft/s
Min: 1378 ft/s
Max: 1406 ft/s
Spread: 28 ft/s



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Your SD is pretty good.  The slowest round is 170 PF.  The fastest is 174 PF.  If you are worried about pressure, back off a little.  An average around 169~170 PF should be fine, as long as the SDs stay single digit.

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Does the CBC brass primer look the same as the Blazer brass shown? If their similar I wouldn’t worry about it, like zzt said, SD looks good especially if your using mixed brass. 

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