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LPVO Class


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If you were to attend a 2 day class focused on the usage of an AR with a LPVO, with the emphasis not heavily either tactical or gamer, what sort of drills, information or learning experiences would you like to see in such a class. What maybe do you feel are must haves versus nice to have?

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Basics of ballistics and and how to use a ballistics app/calculator to generate holdover data.


Styles of reticles (bdc vs mil)

First focal vs second focal plane scopes.

Different zeros (and how to zero your scope.


Range work:

Target engagement at various ranges (from 0 yards to 3-400 yards) to reinforce the theoretical information.

Positional work (probably around a vtac style barricade or similar) both demonstration and drills.

For bonus discussions of gear (both on the rifle and off)

Use of a sling...


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Standing Offhand shooting.  50 to 75 yards on Skinny Mini poppers.  With and without slings.  Most people can shoot small targets with a rested rifle, but offhand separates the better shooters.


VTAC barricade work, especially the bottom ports with the rifle sideways and the middle ports that are too tall to kneel/too short to stand.


Entering and exiting automobiles.


Weak side shooting.


Shooting awkward positions without a cheek weld, ie.  semi free recoil.



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It would be good to also get some prone shooting in.  I find my holds are slightly different prone than on a bench.  You don't need a class for that but understand those holds could be different depending on the person.  The more you shoot rifles the more you understand that in most situations that matter you will be shooting from weird angles, i.e. not prone or from a bench.


Shooting from Benches, Prone, and using V-Tac boards, gives you an idea of what you will need to be thinking about when shooting from all of those different positions.  Its nice to see these topics covered in a class, but a lot can be gained from trips to the range by yourself.


I imagine understanding your optic before going to the class would be of great help as well.  If the curriculum does not include, discussion of FFP versus SFP optics, make sure you understand the difference and which one you are using and the holds associated with that optic.

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What would you enjoy, or even tolerate, as something "for fun" in the class? Currently we do a couple different culmination exercises that are two man, shoot move communicate exercises engaging targets over various unknown distances from 4 or so shooting positions.

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Mainly a gamer here, but the three biggest learning moments I've had were 1) Not trying to hold steady on offhand targets, but rather moving through them slowly from 5 o'clock to 11 o'clock and timing the shot. Experimented with right to left versus left to right, and right to left is a huge improvement for me. 2) Hooking the sling stud on the back of walls / VTAC barriers and pulling into my shoulder versus pushing the swivel stud into barriers for stability. 3) Learning to keep my scope on 1x most of the time. Targets better be way past 250yds for me to crank up, unless we're talking some oddball 2moa target at 100-200 or something hidden in shadows. 4) bonus suggestion of effective movement into and out of various shooting positions.


For fun, I'm a yuge fan of shoot offs, both as a shooter and as a match director. If I was to put one together for LPVO, it would be a plate rack at 50 - 100 yds offhand followed by a spinner at 75 - 100 yds freestyle, first one over wins. If you don't like spinners, then use a crossover mini popper set up. Adjust the distances based on skill of the class, and spot a lesser shooter some plates on the rack if they have to go up against a substantially better shooter. 

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