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  1. Here’s my Sunday match Division Limited 18 Limited 10 3 Open 20 Production 4 Revolver 1 Single Stack 2 Carry Optics 36 Pcc 10 carry Optics has absolutely boomed this year and production has suffered
  2. Lots of big ideas. Looks like there are quite a few match directors or future directors here. Oh wait.
  3. I’m highly jealous of this. I work out of a tiny shed that is packed wall to wall and has claimed chunks of flesh many times
  4. Yeah I would think it would fit pretty easily. If you have to depress the rear sight you should probably check your mags too
  5. You don’t need a connect box any shed will do. Hell you can build it if you are handy and can find materials.
  6. They did both of mine and the turnaround was crazy fast.
  7. As a dedicated match knock yourself out. But not as a part of a regular uspsa match.
  8. I have an sro and the 509t. The sro has bigger glass unfortunately the 509 isn’t on a pistol to compare directly to
  9. https://www.maxamcorp.com/en/cartridges-components/components/powder it does Not look like the vendor has load data for 40. But that chart formatting is pretty bad
  10. Funny. This thread is three years old. I no longer use any paper. It’s on the tablet and that’s that. I have more than a fair share of idiots who don’t bother to ever read the wsb but that’s not due to the location of it.
  11. Good luck finding an acro. It’s pretty rare to come by. I think it’s going to lift you a bit higher than normal. The 509t has a almost picatinny mount that is secured by a cross bolt. I’m away from home but I think it’s going to need to be 509t adapter plate that comes with it screwed to rmr plate gun when I get home I can show you pictures of what comes with the 509t
  12. You’ll need to ream your barrel and load super short. I have two shadow 2s and one required even shorter loads
  13. Got it. I could see that slide stop as it’s an impact part but this one shouldn’t be if machined properly. I think the channel had a slight imperfection in the machine work and it allowed the pin to move. Test fire wouldn’t pick it up and it took several hundred rounds to dislodge
  14. It’s an 11. Like everyone else runs. Curious to the correlation between recoil spring and barrel bushing so I’m interested in your thoughts.
  15. Nathanb

    TSO sale...

    They are announcing new guns Friday…. Two of them
  16. 11lb in both my carry optic and production guns
  17. Is your barrel dimpled? It will help keep the block aligned first and foremost. ive never paid a ton of attention to leaky blocks. As long as it runs. Adjustable seem to have this issue more often than not
  18. Funny enough I posted about the Leo rep I was talking to not knowing anything and I’ll be seeing him again in a few weeks. I’ll ask again
  19. I’ll preface this by saying as a match director I want to know when stuff like that happens. I have no qualms about stepping in and asking why no one offered to lend a hand especially when there are a bunch of experienced shooters. I would be pissed if it happened at my match and not just to me. I wonder if the peanut gallery thought you had it under control. In that situations request Or yell for range master may have went a long way. That tends to get people moving. You did the right thing though. The gun must be safe. Then you can rule. If you need the rule book you need the rule book because there are very few who know it cover to cover and sometimes it isn’t easy to do under stress. it’s even harder to transition from pissed off stressful situation to shooter especially when no one else will step up and run you. At that point it’s not on you to find an RO. Get in your shooting zone and the squad can figure it out. If they can’t they need to get the MD. I’ve often had to squad myself with the less than astute squads in order to have an ro available. Just be glad you can’t see who really is a certified ro and just doesn’t want to do it during the match. That’ll really get you hot
  20. Long story short, I’m in search of a pad that will help allow some stitches on my hip to heal. I can either not shoot or try To pad the area so my belt and holster don’t rub on it. ive found the qore performance one but I was hoping for another solution before I purchase
  21. It does line up. The only thought I had on this is there was a slight tolerance issue in the channel and it allowed just a tiny bit of movement of the pin and caused the pin to flatten and lead to the chip
  22. Honestly. You’re not looking at a super boutique barrel that claims 1/4 moa from any of them. They’re all going to shoot pretty damn well and if not they’re all companies that have great warranties. I know times are tough but you could always piece one together on your own and get a barrel with accuracy guarantee. If that’s not in your wheelhouse the one that has the best price point is probably where I’d lean.
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