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Miculek Magnetic Buffer system??? Others Pros and Cons

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Concept looks good. The multitude of a easy adjustability to tune to a load seems very interesting in itself. Been reading some reviews online about it. Many people bring up the concept of the magnets eventually wearing out. Springs and hydraulics wear out also. Jerry Miculek is somewhat of a showman but he obviously knows what's what and doubt he would ticket something that doesn't have merit. I would definitely pick one up, try it, and provide feedback fwiw. Is there a source other than this "Big Daddy" which seems to require some kind of subscription fee to purchase one?

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The idea of using magnets is pretty clever.

They give a truly progressive "spring rate", as the repelling force is proportinal to the inverse square of the distance between the magnets.

(Up to a a limit, since it doesn't go to infinite at zero distance 😊)


But if you can really tell a difference from a hydraulic buffer or a buffer with multiple springs, is another question.

The most important part is probably that that you can tune the system and or ammo so it doesn't bottom out.


I'm currently using two repelling magnets (25mm diam, 12mm long) at the end of my buffer tube together with a Kynshot hydraulic buffer and an A5 tube

It had a good effect on my dot bounce/grouping.

So using magnets definetely works.


But since my magnets sits in series with the buffer spring, it slightly lessens the pressure on the bolt when closed.

And thats not optimal...


But with the Miculek-buffer that wouldn't be a problem, since it is only effecting the "spring rate" when it starts to bottom out.

But I'm unsure how much repelling force it can have with such small magnets on the other hand.

Even my big magnets bottoms out with factory ammo...

(The is a thin rubber piece glued to one of them so the don't hit each other, since that can crack them)

I'm working on lowering the power factor with port holes at the moment though...

(I hate hand loading 😳)


It would be cool if someone could do a comparison between the Miculek, Kynshot and Taccom buffers...


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 There once was a video by Mr. Miculek where he was testing different buffers. One of them was a magnetic buffer made by a company and it was known then as a MARRS buffer. The video is gone as far as I can find. He liked the magnetic buffet in the video. 

 I have tried many different buffers and setups and I am presently using a roller-locked buffer system. The setup and load one uses in combination is what I think matters most. Trubl said it probably the best. Pick a load and buffer set up and run it. 


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I've tried the MARRS buffer and the Kynshot buffer.  Once the buzzer went off I really couldn't tell much difference.  I found once I just picked a buffer/spring combination and load and spent my time practicing my scores got better.

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I have 3 Taccom buffer systems in all of our PCC's with thousands of rounds. With the ammo shortage we have shot my reloads with varying bullet weights and factory ammo. Recoil changes slightly, but always back in the shoulder. dot movement does not change.



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