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  1. Thanks for the input. How light of a trigger break can you get with let's say a 17 lb mainspring? Also how would you describe the breakpoint? Crisp?,a little roll, etc. And have you found the units to be consistent compared to each other?
  2. Hello shooters. I'm curious if anyone has had experiences to share with the Nighthawk Custom DTS (drop-in trigger system) for 1911/2011 platforms. Thanks
  3. Thanks. I found the above for $28.00. Is worth trying. I just picked up a Mark 1 bull barrel pistol used yesterday in vgc. I will swap the bolt and see if it operates smoothly. Just over $200 so I figured why not. No last round bolt hold open so I hope the firing pin is ok. (seems like an odd design for a rimfires fp well being)
  4. I did have an odd/delayed reset couple of times. I did not fully disassemble the trigger components. I only disassembled to field strip and cleaned/oiled.
  5. Thanks for the reply. Possible but not sure why it sticks only in rearmost and just before closing into battery. If not the guuderod not sure if anything with hammer is dragging on bolt .
  6. Hello. I have an older Mark 2 that has been sitting in the safe for years. I recently took it out with the intent to shoot some bullseye at a local club but was quickly reminded why it had not been used. The bolt, under manual operation, will stick to the rear and will also stick approximately 1/2 inch before closing fully into battery. I disassembled it and did a basic cleaning. The bolt runs freely inside the receiver prior to final assembly. The guide rod looked straight which I thought would be the culprit for binding if bent and after reassembly the problem still exists. Unless the guider
  7. Hello all, So I had used Black Bullets International back about 6+ years ago. I found them to be accurate but the coating had a fair amount of smoke when used with various powders and usually left a coating in the board that required a mixture of 50% vinegar and 50% hydrogen peroxide to let sit in there and clean thoroughly after 5 minutes. Since then I have been using Ibeje heads with very good success but lead time has been extremely long and I see BBI seems to have a much shorter wait time. I believe they may have changed the formula on the BBI bullets from when I used them last. Has
  8. I ran one match with mine. Knocking on wood so far so good but that is just a sad story you told.
  9. Thanks for the heads up, I will. Not drawing any final conclusions but based on forums and personal experiences I've seen with several shooters that have them on slide and frame mounted applications I have yet one to tell me they have had an issue with it. This is a greater consistency than any other optic I've researched for our sport application. I'm sure no one optic is going to have every feature desirable be at 100%, but reliability is at the front of importance IMO. I'm not biased toward any of these products so I would certainly welcome other experienced opinions to the better choices
  10. These products are actually,supposedly, made in Japan as marked on the unit itself. My experience has been Japan has good engineering,materials and quality control with optics as well as other products that require precision and refinement. Perhaps the fiinal assembly point or some other means of manufacture has watered down the QC. My next optic will be an SRO (made in USA) as I have not heard of any consistent or many issues at all for that matter.
  11. Is it just me that feels it's ridiculous that we on this post (and I'm sure there are more out there) have paid about $500+ for a very basic type of optic that can't seem to have reliable windsge and/or elevation adjustments?
  12. Thanks for the detailed response. BTW was yours returned a slide mounted application or frame mount?
  13. So when you send it in for a replacement due to the fact that the adjustment moves untintionally how do you word it and what has the response been? One of the reasons that led me to create this post is reports that Sig "could not replicate the same condition" when sent back so they return it with nothing done which has led people to try to fix it themselves.
  14. This back strap looks awesome and it is a great idea. I would definitely be into getting one
  15. Do you like the TC profile better than round nose?
  16. Nice. So you adjust the extractor to fit the super comp and apparently the 38super rims do not have a problem sliding up underneath the hook/claw and against the breech face. I like your method for determining adjustment tension, seems more controlled than the "shake 3 times to see if case doesn't fall out"
  17. I'm hoping someone could give insight on the elevation tension as well,reason for my op.
  18. Thanks. Could you elaborate on how you adjust the springs for 38 super vs super comp?
  19. Hello. Does anyone have recommendations setting up one extractor for shooting 38super and super comp in a 38super barrel open pistol? Thanks
  20. Did you try the 125 round nose .356 in 9 major? I'm also trying to determine which profile is going to be best for loading 9 major, the RN or the TC.
  21. Hmmmm. That doesn't sound impressive. Maybe that's a reason I have heard the.356 is used by some Open shooters.
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