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SVI grip missing screw - help!


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Hey guys, I recently was shooting my STI 2011 with an SVI Steel grip on it. I happened to look down  and noticed one of the screws was gone. Can you tell me what this screw this is called, and how to find it? I looked at SVI’s website, but I’m not sure the screws they sell will fit for sure? Any help finding the correct screws would be appreciated!!!



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Email SVI and they will sell you the screws. You may have Texas Star or Dubbs grip and mag release screws. Just send them a picture of the gun and they will make it sure the screws will match the appearance of the gun.


They don't sell them separately, yet I'm sure they will sell just the trigger guard screws with the bushing.



For conventional round head screws, Dawson sells them as Trigger Guard Sleeve Kit for STI. Or you may want to upgrade to a prettier screws!


The bushing/sleeve will require some fitting. Do not just hammer it down into the hole. Red Loctite on one screw, blue on another.

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On 8/14/2020 at 9:16 AM, muncie21 said:

Looks to be a standard 2011 grip screw and bushing.  Any of the vendors that sell 2011 parts will likely have them.  Be prepared to spend more than the cost of the screw/bushing , for shipping.

From a major supplier; the one screw for the rear sight of my BHP sight was a couple of bucks but shipping and handling was like $15.


BTW: last time I look Infinity had them listed.


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