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Bassham mental management training

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I'm 3/4 of the way through a month long series of Saturday seminars by Troy Bassham.  I also saw that Anderson is certified with them and presenting material on the Bassham mental management techniques.  


The material is excellent and the topics are pretty deep.  I encourage you to look into their offerings.  Who has taken some of their courses or trained with them?  What were your experiences like?

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Yes, Troy is Lanny's son.  All 3 of Lanny's kids are in the family biz.  Troy is a 3 position rifle guy like his dad.  Troy was on the AMU and has something like 12 national titles, various national records, etc.  Troy has also written 2 of the Bassham books and Troy has a good teaching style.  

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Read Lanny's Stuff years ago. Mental management is the only part of the game that you will never stop learning if you want. I haven't trained with him but I know a pretty good shooter who has and he was really impressed with Lanny Bassham.

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Bassham is the guru on mental management. He basically took it upon himself to figure all the “mental” things out,...after an Olympic Silver I do believe. 

in the late 60’s early 70’s, no one really knew how to coach or teach mentally. Of course, Lanny tried the best at the time, only to realize they lacked,..which started his own personal quest to understand the mental game. (I’m going from memory here, about what I read years ago, never met the man)

I used his method exclusively for many years. I’m a nobody in USPSA, but the system worked for me every single time I employed it and did my part. I credit it with any small success I managed. Without Lanny’s book, I wouldn’t have ever made it out of C class to Master in Open. 




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I have not done any of his trainings yet but I do highly recommend his book "With Winning in Mind".  This has definitly been a game changer in my shooting and I even have been able to use it in my personal/profressional life. 

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