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  1. if it is in no way prohibited by the rules or law, then it must be legal.
  2. Thanks Jack, I think the only problem is when people spin the switch to hard.....abuse leads to failure, so don't abuse your equipment
  3. Just purchased a pair from Brian about a month ago. They work great and just like advertised. Then I noticed a crack in the frame...so I emailed them and two minutes later received a reply just to ship the back and they would replace them. 1 Minute later Chris called to get my address so they could ship the new pair and a return label for the old pair.....So I wouldn't have to wait. This company's service and care for the customer is freakin awesome, and their glasses work just as advertised too !!!! www.HuntersHDGold.com
  4. They do sell knobs but not for the click switch. Thanks
  5. Does anyone know who sells the knobs for the click switch type control knob? Thanks for the info.
  6. Everyone should be reclassified each time the PST's are changed. Otherwise the classification system becomes meaningless with people in classes they no longer have the ability to shoot in.
  7. Best choice is don't run comps on 22's. If you shoot a lot they are a pain in the Butt to keep clean. You don't need one.
  8. Zack (1) Rule says nothing about not being able to take a sight picture when moving from one box to another on showdown. If anything the rule does allow for a sight picture on every run. (2) All rifles must be cased reference rule and in it says that the long guns must be cased after inserting the flag.....but says they can be carried in a " 3 gun cart" ......does that mean if its in a wagon it has to be cased. This rules contradicts itself in the current rules. It needs to be clarified and rewritten one way or the other. Either cases are required or they aren't.
  9. Bad Targets are the biggest culprit in bullet pieces coming back at the firing line. Either beat up steel that is cupped or steel that has bullet dents are both dangerous and should be replaced by minimum AR400 plates. The worst targets are those that don't have a smooth face I.E bolts heads or hooks of any sort showing through will splatter back at the firing line. The collegiate steel challenge program has outlawed clubs from using any plate that has any thing sticking through it. They are safer. At large matches...multi day...it is best to put hay bales at the base of the plates. It stops the build up of lead and jackets at the bases from being thrown back at the line. I honestly don't know why any club uses targets with bolts through them or hooks through them. They don't ring and they hide the bullet hits and they are unsafe. slow cast bullets are far more dangerous than jacketed. The soft cast bullets just don't come apart on impact as well as jacketed bullets
  10. Totally agree. SCSA needs to have RO Classes. It would help a lot. Our rules are much simpler than USPSA and the courses could be one day. Rick If it doesn't say something is not legal in the rules then it is legal. Ask the RO exactly where it says that in the rules. If he can't show a rule supporting what he says there is no violation.
  11. Yup perfectly legal, Like Scott said It is a big problem with RO's making up rules. The best way is to know the rules yourself so you can enlighten those that don't know. Another issue is shooters saying "ah It's only a local match it doesn't matter." It does matter. play by the rules so its fair to all. If during your make -ready you happen to fire the loaded gun...You get DQ'd So it would be advisable to change your make ready regimen. Unless you are shooting a gun that can be cocked without racking the slide. I know a shooter that during his make ready he takes an unloaded run through, then loads a mag and cocks the hammer and takes at least one more run through then loads a round in the chamber...perfectly safe and he gets the feel of the loaded gun. Just another way to do it.
  12. Zack the aiming point is critical. It should be stated in the rules that it is 24" high. There is a heck of a difference from one match to the next when some are putting it on the ground and some at two feet. "Aiming in the general direction isn't a legal start" The shooter must be pointing at the start point. If It doesn't matter then why in the center-fire divisions does it say wrists must be visible above the shoulders" Because there has to be a minimum acceptable start point. Remember every sanctioned match is a qualifier so they should all be set up the same. We are not playing horse shoes......close enough doesn't count here
  13. The current ruling say approx 2' high. That is vague and allows for ground level to whatever. Why can't it just be 2' high
  14. <<An aiming point no more than 2' high will be placed in front of each shooting box 10' forward of the box>>> This wording allows the aiming point to be anywhere from ground level to 2' high. This is the current DNROI ruling. It is still vague
  15. only problem is nobody can really practice because there is no set height. This is no different then a match director saying all centerfire shooters have to start with your hands in your pocket....No one practices it but that is how you have to try to shoot your best times and maybe the next stage we'll shoot with hands at your sides. Doesn't make a lot of sense to tell half of the sport there is no set start point.
  16. Thanks I knew about Caspian but I wanted to stay with the square trigger guard......oh well just gives me an excuse to build on the Caspian frame. Ordered a few today.
  17. We need to have a set height for the aiming point. One match has them on the ground another has 24" high. There is a huge difference in the start position. This should not be left to a directors choice. it makes the stages different from one match to the next.
  18. Does STI make an aluminum Single stack frame?
  19. Nimitz They won't sell USPSA, Offers have been made.....Maybe nobody has just offered enough?
  20. Painting has always been an issue at large matches. Competitors need to understand that if they don't take the time to check the edges they are just giving someone a free hit instead of the penalty they earned. Personally I won't claim an edge hit that isn't in the area where I broke the shot. .......
  21. I spoke with Troy 2 years ago about starting SCSA RO Training....... Many steel shooters don't shoot USPSA so we don't need to be trained as RO's for that. It should be a separate class also. Adding it into USPSA isn't an issue but we need to get as many shooters trained as RO's as possible. Knowing the rules and differences of each game is critical. An RO at a large match stopped me mid string and told me my holster was illegal (in Open division)...because he didn't understand SCSA rules....Instantly screwed up the stage because now I had to defend what I was doing to an untrained RO. I would never volunteer at a USPSA match....I don't shoot it and don't know the rules.
  22. Currently If you weren't given the opportunity to appeal a miss then it must be called a hit. The only reason for a reshoot is failure of a timer to pick up all shots or range equipment failure.
  23. OR Have the guys at SJC install it.......They did a couple for me and they turned around in less than a week.
  24. Edge hits have always counted, and should. You really need to talk to some of the shooters that were around in the late 80's and early 90's. Todd Jarrett, Rob Leatham, Bruce Piatt.....Back when we still had beer companies interested in sponsoring....IE the Miller Invitational
  25. If an RO fails to notify the shooter of a miss before the next string is fired then he can't give the miss. Because you never gave the shooter the ability to prove otherwise. The shooter always has the right to protest a call.
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