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  1. Dr. Phil

    Showdown penalty rule.

    Or, they might just be allowed to continue as is. Fortunately there are dozens of great ROs for each not-so-great one. But they seem to stay around forever.
  2. Dr. Phil

    Yes, another 38 Short/Med/Long topic

    Doesn't matter much now. Probably a lot of our experiments push the point of diminishing return. Did it years ago. Don't shoot it much anymore now with the 929. OP wondered about loads with that specific length so I told him. Guess we dummies should leave all the smart stuff to the pros...
  3. Dr. Phil

    Yes, another 38 Short/Med/Long topic

    I use Starline 38LC brass cut to .900 as well. I run a 147gr Blue Bullet or a 155gr RN powder coated bullet (from my bullet guy locally) over 4.0gr Win 231. PF varies slightly depending on 5" or 6" barrel but generally runs around 128. I only shoot SC and falling plate matches so I don't get overly concerned with the PF as you might for your game. I use moonclips. I get mine from either C.E.D. or Ranch Products. Since I use .022 clips, they are more prone to bending than the .035 and .040 in my 929. I check for straight regularly and when I get a few bent ones I straighten them and keep going.
  4. Dr. Phil

    2019 IRC

    NewTripoli. Southeastern Pa, near Allentown
  5. Dr. Phil

    Ammo Containers for the Range

    Z-i-p L-o-c-k. Heavy duty of course...
  6. Dr. Phil

    Problems with 929s continue ?

    A Tracker? Really? A 7 shot gun. Better off with a 686 Plus. I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.
  7. Dr. Phil

    Draw speed

    Since the OP was speaking about Steel Challenge, ask yourself how much differential would there be between (his) average 1.7 draw and a, say, 1.2 draw - which would be a really good average for all 8 stages - over an entire match? 39 draws @.5 (roughly) ea. Seems like 19.5 seconds? Yeah, that would be worth a little work... PS Mine run around 1.25 to 1.4 on most stages. Roundabout and (of course) S&H tend to be a little quicker.
  8. Dr. Phil

    Problems with 929s continue ?

    I think he has a guy that cuts down the cylinder to lighten it. That's why it looks weird. He built a gun for his James McGinty and did the cylinder like that. That was a real frankengun! The pics I saw of David's have that done to it.
  9. Dr. Phil

    Smith and wesson 929 hammers

    You can go on sites such as Numrich Arms (aka Gun Parts Corp) and buy stock hammers for 15 or 16 bucks. Bob to your little heart's content with no worries.
  10. Dr. Phil

    Oh crap! To the hospital

    And I quit church softball after a concussion and some loose teeth from a collision! Shooting is much safer! Get well soon
  11. Dr. Phil

    Oh crap! To the hospital

    Bet we all think of this for our next few draws! Get well soon. And, enjoy the PCC.
  12. Dr. Phil

    .38spcl IDPA load

    I shoot mostly coated. Bayou, Blue, etc are moly. I have a guy that makes powder coated bullets. Really nice. No need for more at min PF and under. I use the above load in a 6" 686at a 128PF (147 gr bullet) and a TRR8 at slightly less (126 or 127PF I think due to the 5" barrel). That is in .900 cases so the load is a bit more efficient AKA powder not position sensitive. YMMV
  13. Dr. Phil

    .38spcl IDPA load

    4.0 or 4.3 gr of Win 231 and any 140 to 160 gr bullet. I prefer the Bayou 147 or the Blue Bullets 147. 231 can be case sensitive, but, as long as you are not trying to go too low on the charge it's not too bad. And/or you can cut the cases down (mine are @ .900) and use around 4.0 gr 231. Soft, accurate, quicker on the reloads. Good luck and happy shooting.
  14. Dr. Phil

    Possible to rent a chamfering cutter?

    Run it! And besides, the cylinders that BossHoss has done for me aren't quite that chamfered...
  15. Dr. Phil

    Atlanta Arms - 100Gr. Steel Challenge

    I talked to the kid that brought Max over a case of their ammo at the US Steel Shoot. He said they usually use assorted range brass for their loads. I asked if they load with new brass and he said it was generally range stuff. (AKA reloads) Max didn't seem to mind. He has a load that they have tuned to his gun, same as Doug @ Hornady.