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  1. Dr. Phil

    NY compliant 10/22 stock?

    Why not fit your original stock like you like it? If it is wood you can back drill it (I used a long 3.4 bit on mine) to lighten it. You can make a cheek piece with body filler and reshape whatever needs it. You can trim and slim the grip to fit you. Paint to your liking. (Mine is metal flake under black candy) All it takes is imagination and sweat. And - a little interweb searching... Have fun!!! My gun with lightweight barrel and altered stock, with cmore sight weighs 4 1/2 lbs.
  2. Dr. Phil

    How often do you live fire practice?

    I try to shoot every day except Sunday for the first few months of the year. Nats in April along with plate matches. Don't shoot local club matches any more. Would rather practice. Working on a new (for me) program and shooting RFPO for the first time this year. 25K plus through 929/ year (around 1K/week till early June) and 2K through the new RF I am working on. (since 1st week of January) Guess this thread makes me feel very fortunate!
  3. Dr. Phil

    What kind of Plate Rack is this?

    Palmyra Sportsman's Association in Anneville. Check out the PSA Shootout.
  4. Maybe hang a picture of your new blaster on the mirror in the bathroom. Every time you see it, it is a reminder of where you are headed.. Hang one on the elliptical also. Great motivation... Maybe beg borrow or steal Lanny Bassams' book "With Winning In Mind". There is an excellent section on ways to "remind" yourself what it is you want to accomplish. Remember that we are pulling for you! You got this man...
  5. Dr. Phil

    Could a new hammer/firing pin cause keyholing?

    The barrel nut takes a special spanner wrench but you should feel movement if that is your issue. Good luck. Hope it works out quickly...
  6. Dr. Phil

    Could a new hammer/firing pin cause keyholing?

    Have you checked to make sure your barrel isn't coming loose? That was a problem with some TRR8s. They are usually very accurate.
  7. Dr. Phil

    Crimp advice, please.

    Nope. 125gr fmj. The original questions in the thread were referring to, does the crimp line in the bullet matter, etc. I think a crimp line that doesn't cut the moly coating does not matter. But maybe that's just me... Would be interesting to pull a Syntech and see if there is a crimp line tho. I also don't see that the OP shot any of these. Maybe they shoot fine? Worth checking out.
  8. Dr. Phil

    Crimp advice, please.

    Yep I kinda did LOL. So I measured some of the factory stuff I have on hand, at the crimp. Federal .3755 Black Talon .376 (Win cases) Winchester .3765 Blazer .3755 (FC cases) Seems like a great place to start setting the crimp. (I kinda said that too )
  9. Would Steel Challenge count or only USPSA?
  10. I run steel challenge stages all summer. Well, I start the beginning of January and run them till mid-October, actually. I would like to share a couple thoughts: I mark the stages with line paint. Different colors for the different stages. Lasts a long time as long as you don't "scuff" the lines. I have started putting receptacles in ground for stages. Easy to make easy to use. I have 4 usable "bays" and I do 1 in-ground stage in 3 of them. I mark them with paint and put at ground level. That way I set up 6 stages in 3 bays (3 in ground and 3 on stands) and changing over is a matter of 3 or 4 minutes. I shoot 6 days a week but I do (usually) Tuesday nights for my friends to come shoot. Having a set day/time helps people schedule for shooting. Seems to help and I get 4 - 8 "regulars" as well as whatever guests they bring. Many people want to try it and a relaxed setting seems to help. I think if you do this you really need to be "invested" in it. What I mean is, allow people to actually try, learn, and get classified. I shoot (well I guess used to shoot) at a local club that has done SC for about 4 years. The original MD was great! We showed up early, set up, shot and tore down. He had health problems and stepped down. The guy that took over was never an SC shooter. He would set up with his buddies. The stages were very often set up wrong. (ie: Outer Limits 3' between boxes, distances between targets incorrect, targets set at 4' high, etc) The problem was that they sent the scores in to Practiscore. I tried to explain it to him and he felt he was "just a volunteer" so what did it matter? He has since started to do more USPSA type courses by adding targets to SC stages. "I used to shoot there". I think you could do a great thing there. Don't get discouraged, don't get burned out and have fun! Your club and your shooters will (and should!) thank you for it.
  11. Dr. Phil

    Off season

    Watch DVR movies. Reload more movies more reloading design a training regimen to focus on weaknesses and begin to execute with dryfire more reloading stock up on powder, primers, bullets, etc oh, and my version of 9 rounds...
  12. Dr. Phil

    Crimp advice, please.

    Strange. I crimp to .376 or .3765 and I shoot .358 dia bullets. Never said there was a "factory" spec. Fortunately I can learn a lot from the resident experts.
  13. Dr. Phil

    tactical solutions rifles

    There is a discussion that touches on this in the same forum. Called "10/22 question". You might find the opinions interesting...
  14. Dr. Phil

    Ruger 10/22 Question

    What wears out? (asking again 'cause I don't know). Mine have all shot without failure (except the aforementioned mags) and are as fast and accurate as anything out there. I routinely place higher than the AR15/22s and "custom" 10/22s. Of course, if something is headed for a breakdown, I would love to know. Maybe it's the "Indian not the arrow"? Ever run a stock 10/22 at a match? Or for a season? Of course if you are looking to look good or "one-up the Jonses" you may have to run custom. Ever wonder how the guys that just jumped to Ruger run box stock guns at matches and place in the top group all the time? I watched them at the SC Nats and they were shooting stock guns and were kicking butt. Just sayin'.
  15. Dr. Phil

    Ruger 10/22 Question

    What "wears out"? The chamber is part of the barrel, the trigger group is replaceable, the stock? The Ahhhh what wears out? I had a 10/22 with something like 50 or 60K through it and it is still going strong today according to the buddy I sold it to. Volquartsen and Tactical Solutions are fine but that stock 10/22 with a bit of trigger work and maybe a lightening job will outshoot you. If you miss it ain't the gun. The 2 10/22s I have now will both shoot an inch or under at 50yd with ammo they like. Or, spend the money for a custom gun. It's all up to you . But, the 10/22 won't be the reason for a lack of success.