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  1. Which is exactly the reason (or reasons) that I use them. Thank you for the heads up tho. Just trying to (tongue in cheek) give the fella a cheap alternative to 1 shot...
  2. I buy online. They deliver right to my door. Why not use carbide dies and save all those pennies on any lube at all? YMMV
  3. Win 296 and H110 are the same powder packaged differently. Lots of BOOM and flash and some recoil. I like it for my 3" ported gun when we shoot pumpkins in the (almost) dark on Halloween. Spectacular. 2400 is great powder for the 44! Mag loads are very efficient. (Elmer's load was 22gr and a 240gr Keith style bullet. Super load. A real thumper! You can load down to 44 special velocities without a problem. Versatile powder! I like AA9 best of all. Best velocities at max charge. Low flash, reduced recoil (not as harsh). Great all around max load powder. There are probably a dozen (or 2 or 3) more 44 powders. Which is the best? That will depend on your testing. As always, don't trust the internet for load data! Get it from your loading manuals. You do have load manuals right?
  4. I usually go to evilbay if my local GS doesn't have it. As I say it is a once every couple year purchase.
  5. At the risk of sounding totally stupid: A can of 1 shot is like $13. I get 30K or so rounds out of 1 can. I buy them pkgs of 2 for around $20. What am I missing? Is it just the "I saved 2 bucks! That'll teach them!"? With the money we all spend (and waste) in the course of a year, and the time it takes for this search, etc, etc, etc, what is the point? I realize I ain't the sharpest knife in the drawer, but.... Kind of like my in-laws that drive a $70K car and drive 20 miles to save .02 a gallon for gas. I just don't get it.
  6. You may find some of the old style on Numrich Arms (gunpartscorp). They show them for the older N frames. They look like the old solid style...
  7. So easy a tractor mechanic could do it!
  8. Is Troy the son? What I have read is written by Lanny. Just curious. Thanks
  9. Hallstead (Pa) Outlaw Steel August 1, 2020 Starts @ 10:00 AM Ends @ 3:00 PM (or when everybody's out of ammo) Full match of man on man 5 stages side match Divisions: Handgun (center fire): 10 round limit per mag PCC: no limit on ammo Sign up by individual rely @ $5.00 per (day of match) Single elimination (within relay) Winner advances (within relay) Cash prizes for relay winners 1 stage planned for man on man on man! (3 shooters at the same time!) Registration opens on Practiscore July 19th (only to give MD an idea of how many shooters to expect) Sign up by individual relay day of match https://practiscore.com/hallstead-outlaw-steel-match/register any questions please email @ pswinn@epix.net (please put "steel" in subject line)
  10. I am using a Glock Gen3 tungsten with a 13lb recoil spring in my SFX.
  11. That is a pretty standard load for 115gr bullets. Remember when buying powder that Winchester 231 is the same powder in a different can. Even so the HP38 is generally about $1/lb cheaper for some reason.
  12. Welcome to the forums. And don't call me Shirley!
  13. I remember fondly when that happened to me... Got my 1st set. Loved them! Now most of my revos wear them. Dang it!! Good luck.
  14. I have broken (and returned) Apex, C&S and 1 other I can't remember the name of right now. BTW all the places I have been in contact with say the same thing, "Never dry fire the 929 because of breakage". I am currently running a C&S - since mid August - and it's still running. Glad it works. That's the longest one I think. But again, I don't dry fire it...
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