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  1. I use 4" PVC pipe. I cut 3" lengthwise and put it in the back to make a 3 1/2" opening. Easy with a little experimentation. I use the 12" long pieces and bury them flush with the ground. I also put in about 3" or 4" of gravel in the bottom to keep them from heaving with the frost. I put 1 set in ground at each of my shooting zones. (my range is 25 yd wide by 50 yd long so I can set up 2 or 3 stages across and 1 lengthwise) I use 1 in ground set and 1 on stands. You will get so you can set up very quickly after doing it awhile. Besides, what does it really matter if it takes 10 minutes or 30 minutes to set up? I usually set up a couple or 3 stages and shoot them for a week or 2 before I change. Or I set 1 up and mark 1. Then to change during a practice session is easy. The price of paint is negligible in the larger scope of a range. I buy good paint from a home center and because I buy 15 or so cases a year he sells them to me at cost. That is around 2.45 / can. Cheep paint (.96/can etc) is garbage. Not worth the time. I have 4 or 5 colors of line paint all the time. You can mark stages with 1 color if you use different marks for each stage. It's all about being creative.
  2. Online. Check out A+ brass in the vendor's tent...
  3. +1 ^^^ I order 2K Federal once fired brass and use half as practice brass and half as match brass. I get split cases occasionally after 20 or 25 reloads. At the end of the match season it all becomes practice and I get another K of once fired stuff. No range brass! MWP is correct: Not worth it when moon clip fit is important. I use a U Die and taper crimp with 3575 powder coated bullets. No bullet jump here either.
  4. I have seen that same video on you tube. I have always used a small pair of angled square nosed pliars. Loads quick, no damage. I use one of those tube type unloaders. Never had a special loader/unloader like what is popular now. Never saw the need. I load all my moons before the match. Saves lots of time and aggravation during the match. Works for me...
  5. I found it by searching "Sig Romeo3 XL". The Optics Planet ad runs on the right side.
  6. You can go to Optics Planet and read all about both sights. They list the R3Max and the R3XL both at 629.99. I will stick with the long battery life, super crisp 3 min dot, fine field of view RE3 for the time being. Like it so much I just bought another. Now, what to put it on... (Cue Jeopardy music)
  7. More money and the typical crappy Ruger trigger? And add more $$$$ for the trigger job, moon clips, optic and mount. Sounds like a poor replacement for a Smith... Pass
  8. I load strong hand, the forcing cone sits on the middle finger of my left hand while I run the ejector. It gets a little spicy by the end of one of those double-sized stages like in the Rocky Mountain 300. I load strong hand as well. The falling plate matches that I shoot make the forcing cone very warm @ 4.0 gr Win 231 behind either a 105 Bayou or a 130gr RN bullet in my 929. I just put the double BandAid on my middle knuckle before I even start. Saves waiting for the burn to heal after the match LOL.
  9. I shoot the same range with 125, 135 and now 105 and 96gr. All coated mostly in a revo but they will all run an auto. (although the 96gr loads aren't reliable.) The 105gr @ 3.4 is really soft for SC etc. We will all sleep better tonight, bro! LOL
  10. Seems like a load from "someone" on youtube should be taken with a grain of salt. I wonder about the wisdom of using that particular load data source when there are tons of reputable sources on the internet and in book form reloading manuals. Best of luck on your "experiment". Hope your wife's gun enjoys the test...
  11. I shoot BB in my 929. .358 dia .38 bullets. Mine have that same hourglass shape. I resize with a Lee U die. If they pass in your chamber checker or in your gun's barrel they should be fine. I use an EGW checker or the cylinder on my revo.
  12. Wishing you a very Happy 63rd Brian!! Thank you for another great year on the forum!! And many many more.
  13. Weren't you the "20,000 FREE primers" guy last April 1st? Used primers I might add. That's it. I ain't reading any more April Fools Day post from you!! That was good though. I bit too...
  14. My 929 came with a smooth but heavy (10lb) trigger. It would set off any primer I tried. I put a Miculek spring kit in it (You tube for a how to course) and it was done pretty quick, down to about 7 1/2 lbs and still set off Federal and Winchester 100%. S&W gets a bad rap all the time but their product will fire any primer. Still a better trigger than almost any Ruger you can pick up. (Stock of course) I use several brands of moonclips. All seem similar. Ranch Products are less expensive. I use the magnetic post type moonclip holders. The auto thingy looks cool but since I replace the moon onto my belt after each SC string I don't think it's practical for me. Holsters are just an internet or Benos search away. Welcome to the dark side!
  15. This. I have a 586 I bought in the mid 80s that has had lots of trigger work done. Same 10ish lbs double action that my mid 2000 686 had from the factory. Same 10ish lbs that my 2016 TRR8 had and my 2017 929 had. All needed work. But, so did the 1978 or so Model 19. O.P. I think you are still further ahead getting your trigger worked now. Might PM BossHoss? He has done great by me!! And while you're at it, look at some new Ruger revos... Now that's a trigger! LOL YMMV.
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