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  1. I tumble my match ammo to get the 1 shot off. I do about 30 min normally. One night I forgot and let them run all night. Really shiny! Had one of my better matches that time. Might go back to overnight in the future LOL. I have never seen anything that seems different about re-tumbled ammo. Good to go.
  2. Dr. Phil

    Portable Steel Targets

    you might check out "Plate Rack In A Bucket" from MGM. Looks like fun.
  3. Dr. Phil

    Romeo 1 6 MOA

    The Burris FF3 had the same issues. It was traced back to the battery cover contacts. Various shooters referred to the "dot going out during strings of fire". My FF2s never had that problem, but, 4 moa as opposed to an 8 moa. The Romeo is/was not alone in these failures and has supposedly been upgraded in the newer ones. Have not heard about the Romeo 6 moa suffering from the same issues. A couple of the pro shooters I was squadded with this fall are really big on the Romeo3. Super bright 3 moa that won't "blossom" (or "bleed") at the max intensity. Yet another option. (albeit at around $100 more cost)
  4. Dr. Phil

    Round count question

    Another +1 for the S&W. Best way to go in this situation.
  5. Dr. Phil

    Autocomp ignition issues

    Well played!
  6. Dr. Phil

    First Steel Challenge

    Zack, I use both .035 and .040. The 929 was designed for .035 clips (according to a couple former S&W pros I shot with this year) but the .040 give a little extra insurance against light strikes. I also have some RIMZ which are poly clips. Really easy to load and unload. I use these for practice only as they are not magnetic and can fall off the holders. The .035 are also easy to load and unload. Enjoy the 929. Caution: can be habit forming! LOL
  7. Dr. Phil

    115 federals don't work in my 929

    That is a great question! Probably someone here already has tested that, but, it would be easy to check it out. I shoot my light loads in a 6" 1911 and they function pretty well and are accurate. Load a few and test in both guns... Keep us posted! That is interesting...
  8. Dr. Phil

    115 federals don't work in my 929

    Many 929 shooters are shooting .3575 or .358 diameter bullets. Not too hard to get a great crimp that way... I find that if/when I load .355 bullets with my 929 setup I get lots of bullet creep. I would need to readjust if I were going with that diameter. I use the U-die and seat/crimp in 1 step. FWIW I have been shooting Bayou 105gr (.358 dia) and 103 gr (.3575 dia from my bullet guy) and I get no creep. I test by seeing how many times 2 bullets will stand recoil from the other 6 before creeping. After 24 or shots I quit testing. No creep.
  9. +1. The hard part is to train your thumb to stay there when you sweep off the safety. Great thing to practice in your dryfire routine. Ahhh, you do dryfire, right? (LOL)
  10. Dr. Phil

    929/986 Bore Diameter

    I shoot Bayou 105gr .458 diameter bullets for SC. Very accurate. Not much leading. I also have a "bullet guy" who makes 105gr .380 bullets but sizes them at .3575. He makes me 155gr .3575 bullets for knock down steel matches. He powder coats his bullets. Hardly any leading. We experimented with everything from .355 dia to .3575 and the bigger was better by a lot. Like 3"-4" 25 yd groups down to around 2". Much more accurate! The comp leads up after around 8 - 10K. I may switch back to the plain end cap but I like the balance with the comp. I use a Lee U die for sizing. Normal flare. I use a standard taper crimp die and seat and crimp in 1 station. I also have shot a lot of .358 dia Blue Bullets. 147gr. Hope it helps.
  11. Just want to extend my thanks to each and every one who serves - or has served - In the military or law enforcement. We could not enjoy this freedom and safety without you! Thank you and God Bless you.
  12. Dr. Phil

    929/986 Bore Diameter

    Same with mine. Loves the .358 and hates the .355. YMMV
  13. Dr. Phil

    Why not a custom Wilson combat for SS?

    And B.J. really seems to like his...
  14. Dr. Phil

    Romeo 1 Mount Footprint?

    evilbay says 3 available if you search "sig romeo1 6 moa"