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  1. Okay I figured out the math: At 1000FPS x 60 x 60 x 1.5 hours that shot is 5 million, 400 thousand miles long! Yeah that's too far for me to drive. And definitely too far to shoot. Heck you couldn't even walk down to hang a target at that distance before lunch time was over!
  2. Your dimensions sound the same as mine. If you are not scratching the bullet on seating you are probably GTG. FWIW I load the same crimp (.376) whether I am shooting .355, .356. .358 or my revo load with .3575 bullets. I shoot the same loads in auto and revo at several powder charges and they all function fine. Pull a bullet and check for scratches. Won't hurt. BTW I shoot almost exclusively powder coated lead. I have long thought that the "crimp and seat separately" thing is a holdover from the bench rest game. It is a solution in search of a problem. IMHO.
  3. I used to love the Ruger Security 6! When they brought out the SP101 I tried one (it was comped along the backstrap and called the Hybred). Nice. When they brought out the Super Redhawk and used that design for 8 shot guns I never looked back. You can buy a S&W , put in a Michulek spring kit for 16 bucks, bend the mainspring to get the pull you want and shoot it! i have S&W guns with well over 100K rounds and they still hold up. I find that every 25K or so the triggers need a little love. Rugers have just as many problems. But the S&W haters have no other choice but to go to Rugers and hope they can win. I shot a match a couple times with a former S&W pro. (Actually 2 of them) One pro said he had 11 929s! I asked if they were for sale. He said he will never part with them! They are like gold! Ruger 8 shots have a short history. But they also have a pretty good track record of problems. The wheel has been re-invented. And it is square!
  4. 929 all day. Tried a 327 TRR8. Too light for me. Would probably go 627 if I couldn't get a 929. Never gave a thought to the Rugers. Have read far too much about the problems they have.
  5. Testing Federal SRP in my 929 revolver I found they ignite about the same as Win SP. I can shoot them if I tighten the strain screw about 1/2 turn. I try to keep Federal on hand though because it it easier. BTW I interchange Federal SP and SPM in my revolvers. Autos seem to shoot everything.
  6. Wow! I'm impressed!! You obviously read all 29,770 post because you know what "most" of them say. Yet you missed the point of my post... It's easy to go on this or any forum and post a question. But the information you may get is very suspect in some cases. (Not all! Some) That is why many posts include "YMMV". But apparently the time it takes to figure out the problem and solution and to do testing and re-testing to come to a conclusion is no longer necessary? Just post and use somebody else's data. That particular question is asked quite regularly. The answer is always the same. In my personal testing of various primers (brand, SP, SPM SR etc) I have come to the same conclusions. Some of my guns will show an increase of velocity with SPM. Some don't. I was even convinced (almost) when somebody posted that CCI gave more velocity than other primers. My testing found that Federal gave more velocity in my guns and with my chrono. YMMV. Test. Keep (good) records. And maybe if you ask for advice and somebody says "use the search feature" try it. Be careful on the soapbox. Sometimes it can lead to a nasty fall. But then, YMMV.
  7. FYI Typed "magnum small pistol primers" into search. Got 29,770 results. The search feature is your friend.
  8. I LIKE big buts! And I cannot lie. They remind me of a set of Herritt Handgun Hunter grips I had on a Contender years ago. Big But fill the hand and spread recoil. They also come in many configurations.
  9. Well. That is NOT what they told Batman! Makes a cool barbeque gun tho.
  10. Ha Lots pf people got jugs like that
  11. Agree here. My biggest "reload on the move" issue is the direction I am moving. If I am going right, I use strong hand (my normal reload). If going left I use weak hand so as not to break the 180. I usually try to run the courses right but some are not set up that way or there is movement both ways.
  12. PM me. I will be glad to send you one.
  13. I use magnetic moon clip holders. I can never seem to get the polymer to stick to the stupid magnets! Go figure. I have this vision of reaching for a moon that is lying on the ground where it fell off! As I run to the next box. LOL. That would be something to see. I think a moon clip server would be great with them. I don't have one though.
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