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  1. Dr. Phil

    New shooter - Should I do a major match?

    This rings a bell! 4 years ago a friend and I decided to give steel challenge a try. So we made a set of targets and found space on my range to train. Started the end of May. Then we registered for the Pa State Championship in October! Yikes. Had a great time!! I think I came in 10th in Open Auto! Go for it bro! But don't get DQ'd...
  2. Dr. Phil

    Moving Targets

    2 thoughts on a mover. Taught my sons to shoot a mover with a motorcycle tire with cardboard inside and a paper plate taped to it. Rolled it down a slight grade. (while I stood behind a big tree) It ran about 20 yds. He got really good with a .22 and got so he could hit anything! He was awesome on the Texas Star and Polish Plate Rack when he was about 12. We held right on the leading edge of the plate from about 15 - 20 yd. Thought #2. I made a simple mover with a cable, magnet, switch and trolley for my range. 30 ft in about 5 sec. Same thing can be done for dryfire inside a basement with clothesline and a simple trolley. Imagination counts! Have fun inventing...
  3. Dr. Phil

    Boys' Night Out with Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson

    Jeez. U da man!
  4. Dr. Phil

    Shooting Range In Use Flag Ideas

    Was at a range last weekend that had (not flags!) a sign that said "Range in Use" and "Range Closed Today" that had a flip down door. Range in use? Flip the door to show the sign. Pretty cool...
  5. Dr. Phil

    Good Ammo Prices

    I have friends that buy the components and use another friend's hardware. It might be great to have a setup you could use. Might take some of the "learning curve" out of the picture. If somebody is selling reloads they would need a license. (technically speaking) Don't know about renting the equipment... If you are loading with a friend, etc, that doesn't come into play. Hope that avenue can save you some time and money. Then you can shoot more!!
  6. Dr. Phil

    Good Ammo Prices

    I realize that you are asking about cheap ammo prices. I use Gun Bot. Even when they show good prices (supposedly updated every 15 min) you will find that some listings are not available. 2 thoughts: 1. You don't have to spend $800 or whatever. You can get into something like a Lee Turret press for around $200. Changing calibers is quick and easy and an hr will give you around 200 rounds. Way less expensive, but more time... 2. Do you have a friend with a reloading setup? Perhaps a little load testing and a rainy day loading session here and there and go shoot. I have friends that load with me for their rifles. Good way to cut costs. It has been said, but, you can load common pistol rounds for something like $110/k or thereabouts. Half or less. Not being a wise guy or anything here. Just trying to give you options...
  7. Dr. Phil

    How do you find time to shoot?

    Agreed! Plus, if you get on / stay on that schedule you will begin to "find" time to work on specialty stuff. An hr on transitions, time here for accuracy, time there for reloads, whatever. Time spent and the confidence which comes from time spent will make you want more! You should be proud of yourself and what you will become. You deserve it. Let the fun begin.
  8. Dr. Phil

    New Lee Auto Breech Shipping

    Well. I got to eat @ Pizza Hut!! Great day.
  9. Dr. Phil

    New Lee Auto Breech Shipping

    I did, thanks. Smallish match. Rain and cold. How did your ammo-burning experience go?
  10. Dr. Phil

    New Lee Auto Breech Shipping

    As I say, I use and like my progressives. Came home from a match Saturday, shot yesterday and had no live rounds left! Went downstairs and in a half hr I had enough to shoot today. Nice. The turret is mostly for match ammo and small runs like 44 mag, 357 mag, test loads for the revo, etc. I like the versatility of having both. Good luck with your search! And welcome to the exciting world of the progressive press. PS You might want to go right to that Mark 7 press. 3500 rounds/hr! Just kidding, but, man what a machine!!
  11. Dr. Phil

    New Lee Auto Breech Shipping

    I have an LCT. And 3 Pro 1000s. And single stages. I have also helped a friend rebuild the worn out primer system on a L&L. Everything works (sometimes) and doesn't (sometimes). Everything wears out. I have had and used my LCT for 30something years. Can only estimate the number of rounds through it, but, I loaded all my handgun ammo (3 calibers usually) for about 15 years. I still use it for match ammo because it only does 1 thing at a time. An extra hr or so is cheap insurance at a match. Now that the poor thing is about worn out, I will buy another. That should get me to around 100 yrs old! I shoot around 2K - 2500 rounds a month from Jan - Oct. I use whatever will load what I need. My 1000s are set up for 3 loads in 2 calibers. The turret is literally a 1 min swap to change. I hope Lee sells a million of the new press. More competition and more ammo reloaders old and new is only good for our sport. I never did believe (as some do) that the color of the press makes any difference. They all work. Till they don't. FWIW. Retirement is great! Ya'll should try it!
  12. Dr. Phil

    How do you find time to shoot?

    This. I shot archery with 1 son and pistols with the other. Found time every couple days. Also practiced baseball with them 6 days a week. We find time to watch TV, go to church, teach Hunter Ed, go to ballgames (and coach little league!) and a myriad of other things. I sang with a quartet for 10 years. Lots of running and time away. A day here, a weekend there, lots of hot dogs and Subway! We say shooting doesn't take a lot of time... I had a range built on my property. Saves a bunch of time! I used to set aside an evening a week to shoot. Sometimes a free Saturday. You can shoot an hr a week and improve (slightly). If you find more time you can improve faster. But you won't improve (or, not much) without the work. Sad but true... Just had a friend telling me (an hr ago LOL) that he can't afford a new gun because horseshoes, golf, and, of all things Bingo (!!!) take too much of his "gun fund". I gave him the "priorities" speech. FWIW when I retired I shoot way more (every day) reload more (every day) and my performance has improved at about the same rate. Don't despair. It's all there waiting for you. Good luck and happy shooting...
  13. Dr. Phil

    929 Moon Clips

    https://www.doublealpha.biz/daa-stainless-929-moon-clip-pack-of-10 come in .035 and/or .040 .040 are nice and tight but the .035 work well also. Your 3 that came with the gun are probably .035. Also available from Numrich Arms (now Gun Parts Corp) for something like $2.50/ea. They are .035 I also use RIMZ for practice. No issues with them. Work great and super easy to load and unload! Worth a look.
  14. Dr. Phil

    Ammo Catching @ match

    Wow. 28 pages and still a hot topic! I always catch my last round. Oh, revolvers count don't they?
  15. Dr. Phil

    S&W 929 Holster

    I use the DAA Racer. I would not use it with a revo without the muzzle support. The shape of the trigger guard makes it hard to hold on to. I don't like to think about going home early cause my gun fell out setting targets or something! I even went to the muzzle support with my autos. Cheap insurance and no slower on the draw.