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Possibly moving to Arlington, VA. Done the obligatory  clicking on various links and have found some ranges that don't appear to have hosted matches recently at all. 


Need some intel on club matches within 3 hours from Arlington, and a some guidance on  ranges I can practice at. 


Again, I've done the internet work, would love to hear "no kiddin" info  from people who live there. 



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on practiscore, search for these clubs:

fredericksburg (uspsa)

quantico (uspsa and i think occasional 2 and 3 gun)

thurmont / tcsc/ mpsa (uspsa, 2 & 3 gun, idpa)

peacemaker / pntc (2 & 3 gun, falling steel, uspsa/idpa-like matches, prs, prc, gas gun)

shadow hawk (uspsa, falling steel, starting 2 gun)

york iwla (uspsa, 3 gun)

southern maryland practical shooters (uspsa and i think idpa)

eastern shore practical shooters (uspsa)


of the above, peacemaker has the largest and most diverse facility (lots of big bays, 500/1k range, 1.2k range), seems like they're taking new members from time to time.  guessing 2 hours west of arlington (it's an hour west of leesburg).  i do a match almost every weekend there.

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13 hours ago, Hi-Power Jack said:

I shot an Area match at Fredericksburg few years ago - great range and nice people.    :) 

imo the best uspsa match at least within a 2 hour radius if not 3 of there.  i wish they were closer and less (a lot less) traffic and i would shoot there regularly.

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1 hour ago, konkapot said:

Looking for ranges to practice at. 


All those ranges listed above are your best bet but they are all private. You'll need to check each out one, evaluate the costs and length of waitlist, figure out the drive time, get a grip on the rules/access for setting up your own targets in the bays, and then make an educated decision as to which one you want to join.


Personally, I just practice at Elite Shooting in Manassas, VA. It's an indoor range and they don't allow any movement, but it's only $30/month for unlimited shooting, open 9a-9p year round, has a HUGE brand new facility with top notch ventilation, and has a full 100 yd indoor range. For me, those benefits outweigh the pleasure and better training of shooting outdoors because most outdoor ranges close by 4pm during the winter, close in all inclement weather, and are an extra 30-60 minutes drive time each way.

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On 6/13/2019 at 2:22 AM, konkapot said:

Looking for ranges to practice at. 

Sharpshooters is a pretty good indoor range.  You can draw from the holster, and do facing movements if you convince the RO you're not an idiot.

Quantico is good if you can get a membership there.  Shoot a match (they have either USPSA or Steel Challenge every month) and then ask about becoming a member.  They do USPSA practice just about every Saturday.

If you don't mind driving a little bit, the Myrtle Grove range over in La Plata, MD is pretty good.  It's outdoors, so you can put up multiple targets, use your chrono, etc.  However, it still has shooting lanes, so you can't do any range movement unless nobody is there.  It also gets busy on the weekends.


As for matches within 3 hours drive....there are TONS.  Like, NoVA has a huge shooting community and you could probably hit 10 matches a week if you really wanted to.


Here's a non-exhaustive list of the clubs I regularly attend (I live in Alexandria):

-The Machine Gun Nest (VA30)

-Fairfax Practical Shooters (VA28)

-Fredericksburg Practical Shooters (VA14)

-Quantico Shooting Club (VA22)

-Blue Ridge Arsenal (VA32)

-Maryland Practical Shooters (VA13)

-Southern Maryland Practical Shooters (VA23)

-Northern Virginia Gun Club (VA35)

-Eastern Shore Practical Shooters (VA18)

-Anne Arundel Fish and Game (AAFG) (VA25)


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