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  1. Interesting. I used Blue Bullet 147 Flat Point at 1.35 OAL with no issue plunking in my SPO1 and with 3.3 Gr of tight group and would make 135-137 Power factor.
  2. Anne Arundel Practical Shooters (AAFG) first Sat of every month. Case @ Bridgeville DE MPSA @ Thurmont last Sunday of the month. West Shore Practical shooters in PA
  3. Hey All, Just got some sample packs of Blue Bullet 125 Truncated and Round Nose, .356 Dia Looking for some good recipes and OAL for each. Not looking for soft & min PF, looking for accur. Shooting a SPO1 using TightGroup powder. Thanks!
  4. 1.135 Blue Bullet 147 FN in SPO1, plunks no problem.
  5. The .355's are fine. I run the Blue 147's FN and they are great in my SPO1. I also tried Gallant and SNS all .356 and for the games we shoot I did not notice and real difference in accuracy and went back to Blue.
  6. I've tried several different brands...Gallant, SNS, Blues and personally for the games I shoot USPSA and IDPA I don't think the accuracy is much different to make me pick one over the other, just depends on what runs good through your gun and cost...how much do you like to shoot.?? I started with Blues, and went back them. Can't beat them for the price, their customer service has been excellent for me, and they support our shooting sports.
  7. 3.2 Grains 1.135 and I run Blue Bullets 147 Flat Nose out of my Shadow.
  8. Got the thin Boogies on the SPO1, work great! I have large hands, tried the Palm swell first but still prefer the thins.
  9. Yes, there is a CO division. I believe it is just a provisional division. I know some Match Directors around me include it in the their club matches.
  10. Just did the same thing a couple of months back for the same reasons, switched from a G34 to a SPO1 custom. I run it in SSP and Production...love the gun! The Glock's been good to me but it's now officially retired.
  11. Did the same thing myself this year. Shot a 34 for the last 2 years, and picked up a SPO1 Custom for USPSA and IDPA. I have 4 matches under my belt with it and absolutely love it. The more I shoot it the more comfortable and confident I get with it and now the DA is no issue at all. I too have the Thin Lok gripes and love them. Been shooting 147 gr Blue Bullet Flat nose in the Glock and now the CZ with zero issues with 3.2 grains of TG with a OAL of 1.135. Wishing I made the switch sooner.
  12. Plenty of water and eats..alot of sweet / salty protein between stages keep the sugar levels up, and small folding chair. I always take at least 300 rounds, never want to be short. Shoot YOUR game, don't try and follow better shooters especially when it comes to speed...wont end well. Enjoy the whole experience, you'll meet many great people and have a good time.
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