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Breaking Old Habits


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After shooting Single Stack USPSA for a few years and one year of Limited now. I decided to move a magazine to the center belly area from the side where I was use to finding it from the single stack division.

I have spent the winter dry firing and doing the mag swap. It was going real well and I was liking the switch.


First match this last weekend and we had 5 stages and a classifier. I could not mentally draw that magazine for the whole match. Even on the classifier when I only took the mag in the front with me, I went for the side and there was nothing there. Then I grabbed the middle and well that pretty much screwed the classifier up.  


So how do I break this habit? After a winter of dry fire you would think it would be. Nope not even close.


Suggestions?  Do I just keep on the side pouch and go with it?


What does everyone think ?

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31 minutes ago, Fuzz said:

  Do I just keep on the side pouch and go with it?


Nope.   Do it correctly.   Put the mag where it belongs

 and keep practicing - your Winter's worth was 

NOT enough - you just need more practice.   


It will be worth it in the end.    :) 

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If it were me I would continue the dry fire routine you're currently doing but throw in several very short sessions a day just for the mag acquisition. Morning, evening, before bed, and mid-day if possible. Just throw on the belt & do Burkett RL's or even just bring hand down to mag. During the rest of the day remind yourself & reach to the new location. Even just 60 seconds several times a day will pay big dividends quickly. Just making it the new normal. 


May not be the best / most efficient way but I'm willing to bet it can't hurt. 

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practice both dry and real with the mag in the center. Visualize the stage as many times as you can, and more time(dry and real) before the beep, pay more attention to the mag change in the virtualization..You need to teach your body and brain to overcome the old habit and get the new one.


I shoot both open(mag in center) and production/CO.  After master the "mag change index", I can switch the channel when I have the rig on.

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I had the same problem at Limited Nationals one year.  I did a look of SS shooting.  So my natural tendency was to go to the mag on the hip.  I keep bypassing the center mag.


I stopped fighting it.  Just went to second mag.  No issues.  Now I use the center mag as my starting mag.



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