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  1. Ill take one. That is all I need 

  2. How do you want to do this?  PayPal?  

  3. Thanks Gentlemen for the answers.
  4. They ever fall off? Any thing I should be careful of?
  5. So I have an upcoming match that has 5-6 stages with ammo on barrel starts. Unless they change the wording before the match I was planning on picking up the second mag and stick on a magnet. Is this recommended ? Has anyone done this? what should I be careful of? Anything else I am missing?
  6. Fuzz

    Any interest in a Armalite AR 10 308/7.62x51  ?


    I have pics but they are too large for here and I don't know how to shrink them.


    Plus some cash obviously Lets say $1500

    1. B585


      Sorry, I just purchased one 2 days ago.

  7. I watched a guy at a match this weekend cleaning his mags. As he did this he would stretch out the spring. I have never seen this before. Is this helpful? Does it add extra wear to the spring? Curious what everyone thinks.
  8. Thanks this was extremely helpful and insightful.
  9. The guy I spoke to about this and showed me his and let me shoot a couple of his has this info. At this point I don't have the contact info for him and he did not come to this months match (It rained hard for the match, that is hard to imagine isn't it) I will get this info and get back with you when I hook up with him again. I wish I had gotten it but I blew it off at first thought but then got thinking about it. I will let you know when I do.
  10. I am not really planning on reloading any of them. I think just using them for match ammo which is a lost brass deal anyway. This save me the processing time I spend on brass and if the bullet hits the same spot on target I should be good. Has anyone ever tested a Brass casing and an Aluminum casing with the same load in them? Any differences?
  11. 1. I have seen them and seen him shoot them. They are new cases with no scratches. 2. This is a question that I asked him and he is finding out. So what if they are Seller and Beloit. They go bang every time. He 10000 rounds on them. 3. Unknown but does it matter? 4. They are new so no Rollsizing or pass through dies to use. This is the big advantage in my opinion. He does run them through the sizing die with no decapping pin or primers for obvious reasons. 5. New so no cracks. 6. What higher expenditures are you speaking of? Aluminum is softer than Brass so no extra wear? ?????? Not trying to sell anyone on them. Just looking at options here.
  12. Local guy has new Aluminum cases for 40S&W with primers in them. .03 each. This is what I pay for brass and primers not counting processing time. Since I have to leave them at the matches I thought I might look into this. Anyone loading new Aluminum? Would these effect my load data? Any down sides? Well any thoughts on this?
  13. After shooting Single Stack USPSA for a few years and one year of Limited now. I decided to move a magazine to the center belly area from the side where I was use to finding it from the single stack division. I have spent the winter dry firing and doing the mag swap. It was going real well and I was liking the switch. First match this last weekend and we had 5 stages and a classifier. I could not mentally draw that magazine for the whole match. Even on the classifier when I only took the mag in the front with me, I went for the side and there was nothing there. Then I grabbed the middle and well that pretty much screwed the classifier up. So how do I break this habit? After a winter of dry fire you would think it would be. Nope not even close. Suggestions? Do I just keep on the side pouch and go with it? What does everyone think ?
  14. How well do they work? Have you used them?
  15. Just curious and looking into the systems and what is out there. I know the Safariland system is out there but that would mean replacing 3 whole rigs and attachments. That would be salty. Is there a system for the Velcro belt systems like Double Alpha? How well do they work? Pro's Con's Thanks
  16. My Chrono over 50 rounds out of my DVC Limited and Eagle both were at 951 fps average. Or about 171. That is about close as I like it. Maybe Chronos are slightly different but that is what mine is showing. This is the only chrono I have tested it on. Also I am 1.17 length which both guns like
  17. Never Mind I figured it out. Something was catching. It goes all the way down.
  18. Good thinking I will try this tomorrow. Should be easy enough.
  19. Just added a Lee Factory Crimp Die for 40 S&W using sns .400 180 flat point. N320 @ 4.8 gr. I answered my own question and figured it out. I have been running all my 40 cal casings through the GRX resizing die for a couple years now. When I would plunk test them in the Shockbottle I would get anywhere from 2 - 6 that would not pass. I would use them for practice and they always fired. I decided to try the Lee Factory Crimp Die and just ran a couple hundred through. When shockbottled these were now 100% not one failure. Next step is the accuracy test. Impressed with Lee FCD
  20. My question would be this. I loaded the bullets in the house where it is 70 degrees. Then I walk out the back to my range and chrono them. It's 38 degrees outside. how will this effect them. I am 175 pf with 180 gr sns fp pushed by 4.8 N320. I know this just jacks up everything LOL.
  21. This is the Item description from SC. 5" Tungsten rod. Either for the 1911(comes with spring plug and no takedown hole) or for the STI(no spring plug but with take down hole and smaller head for STI frame recess cut). The sti rod is higher because EGW charges more to drill takedown hole and trim head down to Sti size.
  22. I shoot USPSA and thought might help a little with recoil. Nothing more. The gun is reliable and do not wish to sacrifice that.
  23. I am considering a Tungsten guide rod in my STI Eagle. 40 S&W. On Shooters Connection they say something about there being a different size for STI than a normal 1911. I was not aware of this so I thought I would make sure before ordering. What do I need to know or consider here? Thanks for your help.
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