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Dillon 650 loading 9mm

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Ok I am stumped. Have no clue what’s causing this. A friend is having a problem with his 650 loading 9mm swamp popper 125 gr bullets. When it gets flared in the powder die the bullet drops into the case completely. I told him check the powder funnel for right size 9mm check dies etc but when you bell it just enough the bullet is still able to push down into case completely. Never seen this before with my Reloading   Told him to go back to where it was to much flare and work Down the bell still didn’t work. Told him to start where it wasn’t enough an add bell still the same story. Wtf. Why is the bullet still dropping into the case after belling like this. It’s just crazy that it dies this. Over 10 years  reloading never seen this. I am not there with them but I can’t think of what it is other than the powder funnel is wrong. It literally drops into the case by itself 

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32 minutes ago, Hi-Power Jack said:


If the brass has been resized completely and correctly,  the bullet


cannot drop into the brass  -  physically impossible.


Unless the bullet is sized .354 or less.

I did tell him to resize a case and put bullet on and see if it goes in he said it didn’t. It’s only after it’s been belled by funnel that this is happening. I am not there so I am going by what I am being told but I can tell you it’s strange. 

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If the die is correct for 9mm and is a Dillon there is no way after belling the bullet could slide easily into the case. 


Somethings wrong with the die, how it’s set up or the powder funnel (assuming the bullets are .355 or greater). 


There isn’t much else to go wrong. 

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