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S&W 41


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Any model 41 owners here?

I got mine fitted with a barrel from Clark Custom and it is now one of my favorite 22s.


Has been a journey though. When I got it, it had all sorts of issues, including the hammer following because some genius filed on the sear.


Have a JPoint red dot (got it for the small profile) on it now and love it.


What are your favorite aftermarket grips for this gun?


Did you keep it stock or customize it?


Not sure if this is the correct sub forum for it, but it says S&W so.

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Have a 41 with the 5.5" 7" and 7 3/8" comped barrel my favorite 22 pistol .. runs anything I feed it I dated it back to the early 60's I have it wrote down somewhere but don't remember exact year off the top of my head

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