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  1. Washooter

    S&W 41

    Any model 41 owners here? I got mine fitted with a barrel from Clark Custom and it is now one of my favorite 22s. Has been a journey though. When I got it, it had all sorts of issues, including the hammer following because some genius filed on the sear. Have a JPoint red dot (got it for the small profile) on it now and love it. What are your favorite aftermarket grips for this gun? Did you keep it stock or customize it? Not sure if this is the correct sub forum for it, but it says S&W so.
  2. I had one. Regret selling it. Great shooter. Buy it if condition is good and the price is right.
  3. Is this a troll post? If the rear notch is a problem for some shooters, Brownells sells files and stones. Widening a sight doesn’t require brain surgery skills. Maybe I am a simpleton but I don’t understand what the problem is here. The X5 is pretty user friendly and very well set up from the factory compared to things you gotta tweak on a Tanfoglio or something similar.
  4. Washooter

    SIG 365

    For what it’s worth, for people who don’t like the X-ray fat front sight, a Dawson P series .170 FO front will work fine. I like mine a lot better now.
  5. Thank you! 25mm did the trick. I got a 22mm at first but it was too short (I didn't measure correctly).
  6. Washooter

    SIG 365

    Been shooting mine a bit more. I like it overall, but you know what I hate? That stupid Xray front sight. It is pretty much useless for accuracy work. Yes, I know it is a carry gun, but it is capable of better accuracy if the front sight weren't so friggin' huge. Gonna try a .170 Dawson tritium sight.
  7. 4lb out of the box. Mine is a newer one with the black finish on the barrel.
  8. Thank you! It was definitely the ammo (remanufactured). I tried three other brands today including a defensive load and it functioned perfectly. I read on the HK forums that the USP 45 can be picky with cheap ammo or reloads that will feed in guns like Glocks in 45 with looser tolerances. I was just a bit surprised that remanufactured ammo that didn’t work in the Hk worked in my 1911s.
  9. Washooter

    SIG 365

    Shot a rental. Overall hard to argue with so much capacity in a tiny package. Trigger is decent, but a little spongy. Accuracy was good, sights are adequate. Was easy to put everything into a tight group at 10yd. I would get one if you are looking for a small 9mm carry gun with the most capacity right now. Agree with the person about ergos though. Tiny grip, slide is heavy. It doesn't seem like a gun that was made to run fast or in comp, but it is a good carry gun. I compared it side by side with my PPS M2 and although I love the PPS, it is huge compared to the 365.
  10. I have a USP 45 Tactical (with the threaded barrel) that will not go to battery every 1-2 rounds per mag and I have to smack it hard with the base of my palm to get the slide to close all the way. This ammo works fine in my Glock 21 and 1911s including my very tight Baer. I cleaned the chamber (which already looked fairly clean). Other than trying different brands of ammo, does anyone have any suggestions? Are HKs known to have tighter than usual chambers? Thank you.
  11. New here. Apologies if this isn't the right area for this question. Does anyone know where one can obtain a magwell replacement screw for the stock magwell on a Elite Limited? Mine wiggled out and I didn't even notice that I had lost it. Seems to be a common problem. Thank you.
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