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  1. I just got some more mags from sig under the same # as I have ordered before and they are now a different wison combat mag the pads I listed fit but now they have the split follower instead of the plastic and has the spacer as you first pic shows ,, little disappointed with the new mags
  2. the ones that came with mine were wilson combat the 47ben are the long pads the fit them and made then drop below the mag well
  3. The Romeo 1 pro is a different footprint must match the delta point as they list them 2 as direct mounts .. Really wish sig would have went the way of FN or Canik while not direct mount to the slide it gave you a lot more options of what to use
  4. Thats awesome .. be interesting to hear if it holds up .. I use mine for play mostly and in winter time it doesn't get used much at all
  5. SO the they sent you a new R1? I do like them esp the auto off and on but keep reading people having problems thinking of a vortex on my x5
  6. i don't see much need to upgrade if i can make what i have last .. Not sure why the Rx seems to catch it in the frame of the RX not like a 1911/2011 where you can easy tube extractor don't know how often it hits but i can see the marks where it has i have a second romeo 1 sitting here and deciding between it and a venom i also have sitting here to go on x5 no plate if i use romeo but need a plate for venom ..
  7. How are you liking the Shrouds i notice that no matter what ammo I'm using I'm seeing it hit the romeo 1 on my RX .. wondering if i will have the same issue if i use a romeo 1 on my X5 so thinking on the shroud now
  8. I really like the X5 I just picked up another one on a sale the local dealer had i think this one I'm going to put a red dot one and maybe gray gun comp kit in both the x5 i have one in another p320 and it makes a huge difference
  9. The Romeo Pro they been talking about in the X compact Vid ?
  10. That sucks waiting is the hardest part
  11. Thats nice might be my next project depending on how things go with work
  12. I was thinking a fn 509 tacticool would be a nice one to do this to also
  13. Cant wait to see the tweaked one i have a few ideals i'd like to do also
  14. I would go 357 Sig for the extra oomph.. i enjoyed my 357 sig when i had one in a 229 and as you said the comp would work better.. 38 super would be awesome to bad its just to long How is that mount and where did you get it i see it says carver but can't read the rest thats a interesting setup wouldn't mind something like that for my 1911 railed 10mm a optic would be nice
  15. I saw the video to and right now i haven't put enough rounds thru it to trust it for carry .. be interested in what you think of the shroud once its mounted. ive switched to 10mm sine i will be in the woods quite a bit from now to December want a more power incase i run into a sow with cubs i have 3 different ones on my cameras so i know they are around
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