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  1. Dremel for the win!!! Thanks a bunch all, worked like a charm.
  2. Yeah, I filed a bit on my original and made it worse. I thought the top of the feedlips were getting jammed. Nope. I think the magazine is seated too deeply allowing the mag to jam on the front of the uplula on the down stroke. I think adding material to the uplula would work but how to do that. As an old guy I would just like one that works. Not my cobbled up abortion.
  3. I have been using an uplula for 10 years worked on everything I have including the .40 STI magazines. Converted to 9mm with new STI 9mm mags and the darn uplula gets hung up on the down stroke loading a round. I figured my uplula was worn some causing the problem. No. A brand new uplula has exactly the same problem. So what will work in the STI 9mm doublestack mags?
  4. If I wanted a trigger with a teat on it I would have bought a Glock. 95% of folks don't notice the trigger safety. I am not one of those people. Why someone would buy an M&P and turn it into a Glock is beyond me. But that is why they have a billion different guns. People like different stuff.
  5. Have an 81 model that I got new. Will not run anything but CCI mini mags. Replaced all internals, springs, etc, polished chamber will only run CCI mini mags. Very accurate.
  6. Just FYI you adjust Novak's with a hammer for windage. For 2 or 3 years Dawson has been saying they are re-designing their excellent adjustable rear but never happens. I can not imagine why they would redesign their excellent old sight. I have LPA's on a 1911 and they are very good.
  7. Anyone else had a piston come apart? Mine did after about 1000 rounds. Clean brake under the second metal ring. From the carbon it looks like it ran a while after it broke although I don't really see how it could. Anyway it started having ejection problems at around 35 rounds as usual. That piston sure was not very thick under the snap ring. edit. I have decided to go a different direction. I will get the piston replaced and get the 712 on classifieds this week. Has a Nordic 3 round extension with 1.5 cap which allows 8 in tube.
  8. Red 3M Scotchbrite, will try. Thank you for the explanation.
  9. Thanks Kirk, ports are stock, today I took one coil off the spring. Mag tube is nice and slick. Cleaned up with Flitz real well. Piston seems all right. Is the fairly tight fit in the barrel sleeve normal? And do I need to open ports a bit? And no condensation. Thanks
  10. No seems smooth on both the inside of the piston and the action bar. At 750 rounds it is getting toward the end of the probationary period. Its going to have to run more than 50 rounds before cleaning. Yesterday at the 3 gun I launched my mag spring in the woods never to be found in a pour rain. That was after a gosh awful stage where the RO was handing me tools during the course of fire trying to pull out a double feed stoppage. I am prepared to drill, cut or whatever at this point. Would like to get it running but not married to it and not going to live with it all summer. Also trigger work. Anyone got details on how to make the trigger lighter? I have polished with 400 and Flitz with some improvement but not enough. Thanks all.
  11. So on your 712 utilities is your piston pretty tight in the barrel. My piston even when clean will stay firm in the barrel sleeve. When dirty takes some force to push it out. After 50 rounds or slightly less I start getting failures to eject and other malfunctions. Oddly enough after cleaning I always get one failure to eject in the first magazine. After that it runs fairly well up to about 50 rounds where I start having frequent problems. About 750 rounds down range. Suggestions?
  12. Bummer, second one I have heard of that broke a hammer. Good luck.
  13. Yes, inside of forearm. A pic of the inside of the forearm would show you where I have been sanding, then dremeling and then dremeling some more all to zero apparent affect. The pic is after 350 rounds. I really thought it was the spring but after I worked it over with Flitz it is pretty smooth. I put in a new bolt release magazine tube retainer mechanism and shot it today. Ran 25 rounds through pretty much as fast as could and man this thing can run fast. I got to have my wife video me. I think I can get 4 empties in the air at the same time. I noticed before I put it in that the spring holding the magazine block in place was quite a bit stronger. Loading the mag tube after installation-- big difference. When this thing runs it is awesome.
  14. Winchester=Satan, got it. Both mentioned were Remington.
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