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No, not the candy bar.

I was sitting at my work bench cleaning my gun in preparation for sending out the slide to have some work done. While wiping it down with a light coating of oil, it slips out I my hand and falls to the concrete floor. I notice an itty bitty mark on the top of the front sight and muzzle of the slide. No biggie. As I reassemble the gun, that's when the full scale of my boneheadedness (new word I just made up) comes to light. It would appear that the rail on the back of the slide was also dinged. Enough to move metal and not allow my slide to go back on! *facepalm*

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Wooden floors are way better than concrete if you can't put soft covering down. You mark the floor not the gun.

I've tried explaining this to the wife. She felt differently.

Aaaahhhh.... Women.... Can't live with 'em... Can't tie 'em to an ant hill and smear 'em with honey. :unsure:

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