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  1. The "dead" trigger is not so much an issue with not cycling but an issue with the bolt not going fully into battery, and the hammer fall just drives all the way into battery not does not set off the primer. As far as I can tell this is an issue with the out of round shells and the energy behind the bolt to drive them into battery. For me, this is solved running 3dram loads and specifically NOT Federal or other 6 star crimp shells which are often slightly not round, specially for cheap shells. I find that running 3dram GunClub ammo has completely made this go away for me.
  2. Mine is not particularly tight either, requires gently finger pressure to remove. Doesn't seem to cause any problems.
  3. I don't think anyone ever sang the praises of the M2000 model, so it seems this may be the wrong thread?
  4. Are you sure? Are you sure someone didn't put the wrong barrel in the wrong gun? I assume if someone put a pump gun barrel in a semiauto, things might break. That barrel in your pictures looks like no 3000 barrel I ever seen, and the broken lower lugs are the least of your problem, as it seems to have "broken" the entire 2-3" of hood, ejector, bolt raceway, etc and done so in a very specific way and re-applied bluing it itself. The silver bit in the lower left of this picture:
  5. I've had similar issues with federal cheapo ammo, lot of bolt out of battery being driven down by the hammer to an annoying click. I've never had that issue (so far) with Remington GunClub or their next grade up (Remington Clay and Field?) Having looked at some of the Federal shells that I had to eject, I'd say current federal ammo is trash, some had plastic run over the "brass", some the base is all sorts of uneven and chewed up, for some the crimp is slightly bulging, etc. It may be that the Stoeger chamber is less forgiving of this sort of thing or maybe other peo
  6. has anyone ever found a source of M3000 recoil springs?
  7. are you doing pre-registration for these, or just show up and register at the match?
  8. Personally I'll wait until the is a SKU for a 5" without the thumb safety and hopefully without the completely pointless loaded chamber indicator.
  9. I don't try to guess anything about army arms trials. I think they have a lot more to do with politics and grandstanding then actually buying a gun. Objectively, the whole thing is a waste of time an money which will probably end up with buying Glock 19s as some branches are already doing. Think of it this way, Inifinity could have put hand made open gun priced at $1000 on the table in those trials and odds are it would have lost, and we would probably not try to guess why, it seems to me these sort of army trials are not about determining the best gun, but the best gun to buy for the army wh
  10. Personally I'm probably buying one seeing how after 8 years with the old one I have very little complains. blah blah trigger sucks .. of course it does, which gun do we NOT screw around with the trigger to make it better? People buy $2000 STI's and then pay someone to "fix" the trigger, as long as I can throw in $100 of apex parts I don't really care. Some guns had accuracy problems, others did not, again, after market barrels are a thing, your millage may very. I'm not really defending the gun or Smith, they can certainly use to get their act together on some things, I'm just s
  11. My remaining questions are 1) Will it fit APEX parts or is the the trigger sufficiently different that I can't throw in the better parts? 2) Can you get 5" without the loaded chamber indicator? 3) What in the world is that button in front of the slide release for?
  12. Hi Mark, I managed to do that all of twice, but I'm pretty sure in every case I had accidentally hit the bolt release button so in my case I'd call it user error. On a side note, I have a big belated thank your for Mark and Becky. At BRM3G I managed to break my ejector in my Stoeger and after running into the Yackley's and asking if they had a spare, they ended up ripping out a part out of their spare gun and we did redneck gunsmithing in the parking lot with completely inappropriate tools but got be back to functional. So a big thanks to Yackley clan
  13. Yes but $450 for a slide assembly I might as well buy a new gun and get a bag of other spare parts S&W won't sell me .. plus you know .. a whole gun.
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