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I was told by a Dealer today that Dillon is running weeks behind on shipments to stores. I thought they had caught up on most items. Does anyone know the validity of this statement?

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I broke a part yesterday while cleaning my press.

When I called it took less than 30 seconds to get a live person and get the part on the way, as well as adding a conversion kit and some extra primer tubes. (I ordered these out of sheer quilt for breaking my press, although I do really need the conversion kit.) lol

I bet I have my order by the end of the week.

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The only product category we are backordered on is carbide rifle dies. We simply aren't getting carbide in as fast as folks are ordering it. Otherwise, all machines and equipment are in stock. It typically takes us a couple of days to process and ship an order. No holdups in shipping dealer orders, we don't discriminate.

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