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  1. I love a Liga Privada #9 Belicoso and Glenfiddich Snow Pheonix is the perfect match. Also a Liga Unico Dirty Rat and Four roses small batch 2012
  2. these are the books I learned with and suggest them to anyone.
  3. once you start seeing the target instead of looking for the sites you will be shocked
  4. I like, wish I wasn't sidelined. I Would def need one of these
  5. Dry fire is the best thing I had ever tried. made me much more confident in my transition and draw
  6. clawson2011

    Trap gun?

    Its a great duck gun. It isn't any more less expensive than the A400.
  7. I have started using Ranger. prescription inserts work well for me. contacts are hard for me due to an astigmatism.
  8. I had good luck with showing so friends Youtube videos and a couple of them said it looked like fun
  9. talk with people at shoots< usually they will let you see and even try their guns out.
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