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  1. bigcraig

    Let's see some pcc's

    Let the load, BCG weight, buffer weight and recoil development begin! I have had my 9mm SBR for over a decade, used to use a Hahn mag block, this time I form 1'd a CMMG MK9 lower. Let the testing begin!
  2. bigcraig

    Slide racker with sideways c-more - left or right side?

    I put a 90 mount on my DVC, which made me have to put my racker on the right. I hated it. I bought one of the slide rackers from Shooters Connection and had my GS fit it to the slide. Worth every penny spent. That said, I still can't get used to running an open gun. lol
  3. bigcraig

    Anyone use the New Taran G43 connector, or the Ghost?

    Fascinating! Both the Ghost and the TTI have a similar feel? Yep, they both "feel" exactly the same to me. That said, I don't have a gauge to give concrete data, Just my feelz!
  4. bigcraig

    G34 upper and barrel with G35 lower

    The ejector is a 5 minute job to change, and while it is a good idea to change the ejector, you would be very surprised of how many folks with 9mm/40 Glocks don't bother with changing it and swap upper halves all the time with no issue.
  5. bigcraig

    Anyone use the New Taran G43 connector, or the Ghost?

    I have two g43's. My first one had the worst trigger in a Glock that I have ever encountered. I put a Ghost Edge connector in it, Taran didn't offer one at the time. and polished up the usual surfaces. My second G43's factory trigger was much better than the first. This time I ordered the TTI connector when I ordered the +2 base pads. Installed connector and did my usual polish work. Both guns feel the exact same to me now.
  6. bigcraig

    Thumb Rests

    Nitro Fin user here.
  7. bigcraig

    Fluted Glock Barrels

  8. bigcraig

    Major load for CK arms 9mm

    What's your PF with this load?
  9. bigcraig

    Nitro Fin...Who uses them

    I like the Nitro fin a lot.
  10. bigcraig

    load for 135gr moly coated lead rn bullets 9mm

    TG with Moly coated bullets will smoke badly. TG with the Hi-tek coated bullets (Bayou,Sns etc:) will smoke, but it is barely noticeable. I use TG with my .40 major PF loads with either Bayou or SnS bullets, and to me, the low charge weight of TG outweighs the slight smoke issue. For my 9mm suppressed AR SBR, I have used 147gr coated bullets from, again, Bayou and SnS. This load stays subsonic for the SBR, 7" barrel, but will make minor PF for my G34.
  11. bigcraig

    New Model C-More on the Horizon ?

    One can only hope that Cmore finally decides to update their optic. While I like the size and shape of the current Cmore "window", the rest of it is old, clumsy and in dire need of diet in both weight and size. I wish Binary Engineering would get his designed optic figured out, as the RTS2 with is small "window" doesn't appeal to me at all.
  12. bigcraig

    How much is too much?

    One rig for Limited and Open.
  13. bigcraig

    new DVC OPEN 9MM finally arrived

    Tagging this for future updates. I have had my 9mm Open DVC for a while now and only have about 500rds through the gun due to work and a hand injury. Mine has been flawless with major PF ammo, but I am still chasing the right load and spring combination, as I still think there is too much gun movement. This is my first Open gun, and I am not sure what to expect in regards to making a comp work effectively. I have also changed out the cmore mount to a Cheely sideways mount, dot just to high over the bore for me.
  14. bigcraig

    STI Edge Thumb Rest

    I am a big fan of the Nitro Fin.
  15. bigcraig

    9mm w/reg c-more mount

    I have one of the new STI DVC 9major Open guns, no issues with the factory mount, gun ran great with major PF ammo. That said, I did install a 90 mount as I had issues finding the dot. Years of shooting iron sighted pistols, I needed the dot lower to the bore.