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Hi guys and gals,

I have had my decision made for me quite easily last night on how I should find time to shoot both IDPA and USPSA matches. With the recent changes I find it very easy to become a dedicated USPSA shooter now. I look forward to meeting alot of you in person and continuing to learn from these great forums. Hopefully we will have a good USPSA club up and running in the Dallas area soon. I plan on shooting Area 4 and Area 2 matches. Southwest airlines has pretty cheap fares to Phoenix these days. Now that I get free rent from my apartments for doing the off duty security, I have guns and will travel.

See ya'll on the range



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Glad to have you Dave !!! :):)

You are as you know, in Area-4 Home of the World Champion Revolver shooter Jerry Miculek, and his darling wife Kay (who will kick your but with a gun too).

Being you are in Dallas you might want to slide up to Ft. Smith Arkansas and shoot with Clay, Mike, Mark and the bunch at Old Fort gun club, Nice range, Great folks they host a match every spring called the OLD FORT Shootout ususally 50+ shooters there.

I am sorry I did not get to meet you at East TX section but sure did enjoy jumping the gate (NOT) <_<

Area-4 match in June will be something to see, there will be folks from all over down there even from out of the US, if as Ususall they fill up it will be as big as the IDPA Nationals (300) or so shooters.

Have fun, the guys in USPSA are not much different than IDPA except they know it is a game but are quite passionate about it too.

If you have any questions, comments or advise (yes you do) just get on and tell, ask or what ever.

Sam Keen / Hopalong

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Guest Larry Cazes

Welcome aboard dave. I am planing on shooting Area 2 this year so I hope to have a chance to meet ya there! Let me know if I can help make your transition to USPSA an easy one.



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Thanks guys,

Yes Hopalong, the gate vault was a little different for me after 2 years of IDPA. The shooters were super nice and I learned alot being squadded with Max and his New Orleans crew. I will be very busy when the Area 4 championship comes around. I will have to drive from the match to San Antonio for a week of Texas Police Olympics. Last year I won 1 gold, 4 silver, and 2 bronze medals shooting skeet, trap , sporting clays, and tactical pistols. I guess you cant complain about a solid week of shooting huh.

You all have a good night and I will be back tomorrow


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That is the problem right now. As big as Dallas is we dont have a good USPSA club to attend. I will be driving to Waco, and Witchita falls for matches. I will still shoot some IDPA with my friends with my illegal equipment for fun and no score. Let me know when you are in town and we can get together for a cool one.


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Welcome aboard. I was an IDPA only shooter, once a month for my first two years as a competitor.

I really think you'll enjoy yourself.

Feel free to email if you have any questions, or happen to get to South America or Florida for a match. :rolleyes:

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that's the right range/gun club for the 1st saturday cleburne match.

looks like you've just about got all the matches for the area listed in this thread.

fyi...tyler match is usually 4 stages / 100 rds.

if you can make it on 2nd sunday's, the doubletap ranch matches are well done.

you'll definitely want to try to make the dtr champ in march. that one will be a fun shoot.

one other, the ok city club has a match 1st saturday as well.

it's a bit of a drive from dfw (~210mi to the range from dfw airport).

the match is usually 6 stages / 150 rounds.

fun club to shoot with. usually good props & stages.

okc web site

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Welcome aboard. I have been shooting only USPSA since September and haven't missed the other sport in the least. Plus I don't think I've ever gotten a procedural in USPSA (we won't talk about the no-shoot or mike penalties :ph34r: )

I'm sure we'll see each other at a match soon.

I went up to the Waco match once and it was fun. The 3 hour drive each way has kept me from going back, but I know I'll go back again since it was fun and it's good to mix things up every once and awhile. It's fun to watch experienced GM's at a club match too.

As Vince Pinto's sig line says, "Welcome to the Dark Side. We have cookies!" :D


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Hey Vinney whats up. I will see you at Space City. I am driving to Witchita Falls tomorrow with all my buddies for a little fun. This time I wont get an hour from home and realize that my beautiful CR speed rig is sitting on my desk and have to turn around to get it. I plan on doing a little travel this year. Cant wait to meet all of you other hosers out there.

You havent received an FTDR at a USPSA match yet Vincent. You big Gamer.


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Man, after reading all these posts, I need a hug or something. I started my shooting career in Houston shooting uspsa there - moved up to the DFW area, and the first club I hooked up with was an IDPA club - and stuck with them and IDPA for the past 5 years. The new rules, however, and their focus on mediocrity, have really pushed me back to uspsa a year ahead of my schedule.

Right there on page 1, the new rulebook specifically mentions the sport caters to new and average shooters. Added to the '04 nats, where over 60% of the strings fired were 6 rounds - I have shot my last sanctioned idpa match.

Like Dave, I'll continue to shoot with my local idpa club - more for the company than the sport. Plus, shooting is shooting.

My travel money and time, however, will be spent on uspsa matches - where excellence is encouraged, fun is allowed, and everyone recognizes that we're playing a game.

See you folks at the range.


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