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Married 25 years

lynn jones

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Congrats Lynn, my parents celebrated 25 years together last year and after taking a look around, they are among the few. Very few of my friends, or friends parents have made it that long. I guess if you can make it 25, you can make it 50. Best wishes and congratulations.

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When I asked my parents how they made it to 50 (they got married in 1952) thier answer was: "Simple --- neither one of us left. When we disagreed, we tried really hard to understand the other person's viewpoint. And we loved each other."

So far it's working for me.....

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You old dawg, you ........... who knew?

Hell, if you've been married for 25 years, then you must've been a whippersnapper (and a cradle snatcher) when you got married. Anyway, jokes aside,

Happy Anniversary

and may the next 25 years be as fun as the first.

(Note to self: send IPSC President's Medal to Mrs. Jones)

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Congratulations Lynn!

I've been married 20 years to my High School sweat heart. We've dated since we were 16 and married at 23.

I guess you found the secret too! We go out twice a week, no matter what. She goes out Tuesdays and I go out Thursdays - Hee! Hee!

Good joke, but it's in the doing it right the first time and perserverance.

Enjoy 25 more - Indiana James.

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