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Tanfoglio Glossary of Terms

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I posted this in another forum, but I though it would be useful here for the uninitiated. Please feel free to add/correct any of the info below, after all I am but a mere mortal (albeit one who has owned and tuned more than a dozen CZ75s and clones!).


-small frame - capable of chambering .22, 9mm and .40 only (these are the calibers offered in current models, past models and custom offerings can be had in 9x21, .41AE, .357 SIG and other, even more obscure calibers I can't even think of. I have toyed with the idea of welding up the chamber of a 9x19 barrel and rechambering it in .380 auto for a short strokin', fast cyclin' high capacity Open Minor gun... but then I slapped some sense into myself.)

-large frame - capable of chambering .22, 9mm, .40, .38 Super, 10mm, .45 (and just about any handgun cartage including 9X25 Dillon and .40 super). Prior to 2005 38/10/45 guns were large frame, 9/40 guns were small frame, but in 2005 EAA started importing all calibers in large frame format; then came the "Witness Classic" small frame 9/40 and the large (Witness P) and small (Witness PS) frame poly guns.

-standard and compact - refers to the length of the grip


-compact - 3.6" barrel

-standard - 4.5" barrel

-longslide - 4.75" barrel

-Hunter - 6" barrel

Small frame slides house barrels with an OD of 14mm and large frame slides house barrels with an OD of 15mm

The mythical beast that is the 'flat shooting' Open pistol is a one particular fools errand of mine, so if you're looking for obscure technical info or advice feel free to PM me, I'm full if it! :eatdrink:

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Here's some additional info:

Frame styles: (steel):

- standard frame: with or without a rail, rounded trigger guard, used on standard models, Witness Match and Stock 1.

- competition frame: large square trigger guard, extended beavertail, aggressive checkering on front strap and backstrap, built-in magwell.

Competiton frame has four dustcover variations:

- short dustcover (Limited Pro and the "not in the US" version of the Limited)

- standard length full dustcover (Stock 2, Gold Custom Eric)

- long slide full dustcover (Hunter, Bullseye, and US version of the Limited)

- long slide full dustcover with rail (Stock 3)


- Compact: 3.6"

- Standard: 4.5"

- Standard cone lock with polygonal rifling: 4.5"

- Longslide: 4.75"

- Longslide with polygonal rifling: 4.75"

- Longslide cone lock with polygonal rifling: 4.75"

- Hunter/Bullseye: 6"

- Gold Custom polygonal: 4.5" plus compensator

- Gold Custom polygonal ported: 4.5" plus compensator

Let me know if I'm missing anything or if I have any errors....

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Sorry if this is a repeat from another string.

I had the privilege of shooting a Stock II yesterday. I want one. I'd like to shoot production and it would be nice for my skill development to have one gun I could shoot in USPSA, IDPA and Steel Challenge. I see above that a Stock III is not IDPA legal, but is a Stock II IDPA legal?

Is the Limited pro identical to the stock II with the exception of the shorter dust cover? Do they both have the cone/bull style barrel and same level of inherent accuracy of the Stock II? Legal in USPSA and IDPA if Stock II is not?

The polygonal barrel...what is it? Will lead or jacketed bullets work?

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On 3/2/2019 at 8:24 PM, Bob Clevenger said:

At one time in the long, long ago EAA (or their distributor) sold a small-frame .40 S&W Compact that included a ported barrel and slide.


I believe I own this pistol and I've been having a really hard time finding any info about it.  

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