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  1. yeah that sucks. I haven't been on Enos in a while but I did source one directly from CZ through the Canadian distributor a while back. Good luck with finding one.
  2. Rob...for those of us with guns that don't have the relief cuts....is there anything we can do to mitigate the potential for a problem (besides making the relief cuts). I am currently running a 13# mainspring with the buffs and shoot 130PF ammo
  3. Onagoth

    shadow 2 magwell

    My shadow 2 worked great at the 2017 blue ridge 3 gun match. i got my magwell from sebo weapons
  4. I've struggled with this for a while...namely because I've never found a retention holster that I really like (except for the 5.11 holster for my G34, but I don't shoot glock anymore) For me now, at rigorous matches i tend to use a retention holster....but for local matches with limited movement, I use my bladetech. Non-retention holsters can have significant retention....with mine, I have two thumbscrews on mine and if the stage calls for it, I tighten them right now
  5. Agreed. Strelok has been a life saver for me since the most I can shoot at is 300y, but matches often stretch out to beyond 500. I purchased the app for both iphone and android and the developer was very easy to deal with when I had an issue.
  6. Looking forward to it Andy. Do you have a loose approximation of how many rifle targets are beyond 150y?
  7. it's really a question of velocities. Have you chrono'd your loads? My guess is that either one will work fine...but if both have been loaded to min production PF, the slight advantage goes to the 124
  8. The shadow 2's in Canada shipped with thin safeties and a wide safety for the left hand side of the gun. I've been searching high and low for a wide right hand side safety to use with the wide LHS one that I have. It looks like this product might work, but I am not sure and haven't received an answer from the email I sent. Does anyone here know if this can be used with the wide LHS safety I have to give me wide safeties on both sides? http://www.czub.cz/en/eu-eshop/pistole/soucastky/pojistka-shadow-2-arcor-pro-levaky.html Basically, my confusion is that the picture looks good, but the webstore describes the item as a 'flat' safety
  9. My G17 trigger is almost as smooth as my G34 trigger which has the Vogel production legal kit in it. All it took was around 25k rounds. but I can't really tell a difference between the two.
  10. Onagoth

    I bought a Shadow 2

    Although the urban grey is decent...the black looks better and matches the different grip colors as well. (red/black look pretty awesome)
  11. I use the Bushnell Elite as well...it's a great scope, a beast really. I've abused mine and it still does well. Only downside is that it has a tight eyebox.
  12. Onagoth

    I bought a Shadow 2

    Just shot mine last night at my first IPSC match (previously had it out on the range). Gun performed very well, seemed like I couldn't miss. The trigger leaves a lot to be desired though....I've got some different springs on the way to address that.
  13. Hi Andy, Looking forward to shooting Blue Ridge again this year! Last year was awesome. Can you ballpark for me how many rifle targets are past 150y? I use different ammo for Long Range targets. Cheers and see you in October
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