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  1. I run a 147 Xtreme with 3.5gr of Solo 1000 in my Limited
  2. Found a MINT 1976 Tanfoglio Mossad compact here locally. Its shown with the Springer Precision 18 round magazine base pad on a 16 round metal base MecGar mag.
  3. Just note that the standard CZ is a "small" frame where the Tanfoglio is going to be a large frame. So if you have small hands that might be of concern, but if you have large hand you will probably be happier with the Tanfoglio (large) frame. Also a note on reliability (and praetorian97 can back me up on this). I don't clean my gun until 1500-2500 rounds are through it. Then all I do is clean the slide and frame rails, clean the barrel lugs (top and bottom) and maybe brush off the carbon buildup on the feed ramp. I tear the gun down to clean the frame and everything else once a year (approx 8k rounds). My gun runs great, and I've not done anything special to it. Run the correct spring (most issues with feeding reliability are people not running a light enough spring), and load your ammo around 1.135 and she'll run like a top for years and years.
  4. I personally can' think of any reason not to buy one over another pistol. But some people wouldn't buy one because of the grip shape/angle, the fact that the trigger is rough out of the box (but can easily be made really nice), and the slide to frame fit is looser than a 1911 which makes some people think they feel cheap. But the loose fit contributes to their awesome reliability. Other reasons is that they don't say "STI" on the slide. Of if you want random hot blue or neon green parts on it. I've never "needed" a part that wasn't available through Henning, EG, Springer, Taylor Freelance, etc in the last 7 years of shooting these guns. If you want a gun to shoot and run great its a great choice. If you want a good shooting gun but also need it to look super fancy at the range so people think you are cool, its the wrong gun for you. Now compared to the RIA, I would go Tanfogio 10 of 10 times. My experience with RIA is that they are good guns for the casual shooter who doesn't run the gun much. Their steel seems a little soft and I've seen peening and wear on the ones I've owned and handled. If you just want a 1911 to show the buddies and shoot a few times a year I think they are great. If you're going to run it in competition they seem to wear out quick. The Elite Limited is going to last 40,000+. Mine is at approx 28,000 on the upper and 34,000 on the frame.
  5. Its mostly about preference. I like the way the Tanfoglio shoots much better than the STI. In particular I like how the Tanfoglio grip fits my hands and I feel like the Tanfoglio runs flatter/faster than the 1911/2011 platform. I know several STI guys would argue the exact opposite though. Personally I feel like the Tanfoglio is a better platform. It is an "updated" design from the 1911. Browning himself realized the linkage and internal extractor weren't that great, which is why the Hi Power doesn't have a linkage and has an external extractor. Most all firearms made today are based off that Hi Power design (Tanfoglio, CZ, HK, Glock, M&P, XD). Also the CZ design with the 1/2 slide allows more tolerance between the frame and slide, while still retaining accuracy. People like the tight, smooth feel of the STI (myself included) but that also equates to less reliability because a tiny piece of grit can cause issues (which I've seen a lot of around here in the Idaho desert). You also mention the aftermarket support (which a lot of people do), but I can never get an answer of what people are needing that isn't offered. But like I said its mostly about preference. I like everything about my Tanfoglios better than any other gun I've shot, except for the CZ. The grip is just too small on those.. That's my $.02
  6. bpipe95, It's just trigger and hammer parts. There is no difference in the frames or sides between DA ava SA guns.
  7. He's just jealous of my skills
  8. He's just being an a-hole... as usual..
  9. It runs fine (and I've tested it) in as cold as -10 degrees F. My buddy even buried his Tanfoglio in snow for 30 minutes (with this grease on it), pulled it out, dumped 2 mags with no issues to prove to this Glock guy that Tanfoglio's run fine in the cold.
  10. Everyone has their own special sauce, but from an engineering standpoint grease is a much better lubricant for this application. Also it collects less dirt/soot and stays on the gun longer. I only lube my gun every 2000 rounds. Lubriplate SFL-1 or SFL-0 are both amazing. It was designed for use on food machinery, which run in extreme temperatures (cold and hot) but its works so good on firearms they sell it on Midway as "gun grease" http://www.midwayusa.com/product/379954/lubriplate-sfl-0-gun-grease-14-oz-can?cm_mmc=pf_ci_google-_-pf_ci_google-_-pf_ci_google-_-pf_ci_google&gclid=COijjITDhcYCFRSIfgodfYIADg
  11. Everyone should use grease anyway
  12. So having slide ports/cuts is ok, but a little dust on your mag is a beg deal?
  13. an 8lb "longslide" would be a 10lb "standard"
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