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  1. Yeah the only way I got mine to not toss brass 30 feet is with that Sprinco Recoil Reducer and shortening the ejector. With a super stiff spring, the slide slams back home so hard I worried about breaking the slide stop. The problem with that brass buffer is that you are now shock loading the slide and I would worry about the slide cracking.
  2. You may need to run the Sprinco Recoil Reducer. That's what I ran in my 10mm.
  3. When the accuracy starts going downhill, or when I can feel it coming out of battery if I jiggle it.
  4. I have the shock bottle and the Springer Precision and honestly I like the Springer better. Plus they are $17.50/ea
  5. 50% of the time when I stuff 24 in my mags the bottom 2 rounds get wedged side by side and it turns into a salt shaker. And yes that setup runs great. I have tens of thousands of rounds through K9's with Henning pads and Grams followers.
  6. Your barrel could be fit a little tight. Take a piece of paper and put it between the top of the barrel and the breach face and try to put the gun into battery. If it won't go you're probably a little tight on the barrel fit.
  7. I would leave the peanut/bean alone unless you see some bur in there. Your barrel could be fit a little tight, which could also cause this.
  8. I know on the EGW hammers, the 1/2 cock hooks were actually higher than the main hooks, so I always had to stone them down (which is lame).
  9. I run the Quinn, but I have it moved back by 1 hole to keep it away from my ports.
  10. Stovepipes is usually from running too heavy of a recoil spring, so the slide can't go back far enough to let the brass hit the ejector hard.
  11. It could be a couple things: Pull the trigger all the way back, but don't smash it into the overtravel. Now pull the hammer back all the way and slowly let it down so its at rest in the "hammer down" position if you feel contact (rubbing) then your trigger overtravel is set too tight If the sear snaps in to the hammer hooks your overtravel might be too loose, or you've shortened your sear leg too much and the trigger bar is popping off.
  12. Polish the "rib" in the middle of the slide as well. I usually stone them with a India stone, then go to 2000 grit or a ceramic stone until it nearly mirror finish.
  13. I run a 147 Xtreme with 3.5gr of Solo 1000 in my Limited
  14. There is a small square stamped on the frame near the trigger guard and it has some letters/symbols in it. You can use this chart as a reference to see what year it was imported: http://tz75man.forumco.com/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=2
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