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  1. I think the top (sponsored) shooters use whatever fits the rules best and has their sponsor's name on it. Right now 9-Major is the best fit. Change the rules and it might be .380. Change them the other way and it may be .45 acp again.
  2. Thanks. My work is strictly amateur, but I learn as I go.
  3. At one time in the long, long ago EAA (or their distributor) sold a small-frame .40 S&W Compact that included a ported barrel and slide.
  4. My 10mm Tanfoglio Semi-Compact. .38 Super frame, SA trigger, some Patriot Defense inner parts, extended ambidextrous safety, LPA adjustable green fibre-optic rear sight, Dawson Precision red fibre-optic front sight, and three 0.140" dia. ports cut into each side of the barrel along with the matching cuts in the slide. I milled off the stock front sight and milled in a dovetail for the EAA Match front sight. BTW, the dovetail is the same as a CZ-75 front dovetail other than the length of the cut. The slide is a replacement due to my ruining the original, but I think the black slide looks good and it negates any glare off the top. This is the pistol I am carrying now.
  5. That will happen right after IPSC/USPSA lowers the Open Major PF to 100. That sound you hear is only Col. Cooper rotating in his grave.
  6. Re. .38 Super Normal .38 Super ammo is rated at 1350 fps, more or less. with a 125 gr. bullet. That means a 168+ PF which makes Open Major under today's silly rules.
  7. I had the same concerns. The plastic Shock-Buf pads for the CZ-75 fit and work, but they have to be replaced often. I installed a DPM Recoil Reducer and things have been fine ever since.
  8. Carbide 9mm dies (properly adjusted) will work just fine on .38 Super and 9x23 Winchester (and the other variations on this theme). Yeah, the 9mm Para. is spec'ed out to be slightly tapered, but the carbide dies don't do the taper. 9mm Para. reloads end up being straight-walled. They fit properly at the case mouth and are slightly undersize (but within tolerences) at the case head.
  9. As a shooter, the blast doesn't bother me (as long as I have ear protection on). It's a carry gun, so I don't really care what the object of my attention thinks, and I don't want to increase the size of the piece.
  10. I understand the blast from my ported 10mm Witness Compact (three holes on each side of the front sight, angled outward) is just nasty.
  11. Well, I seem to be the odd man out here. I shoot 4 different Witness pistols: a .45 acp full-size blue, a .40 S&W Compact (small-frame w/ factory-ported bbl.), a 10mm Compact w/ ported bbl., and my latest - a .38 Super Semi-Compact (Compact bbl. & slide on a full-size frame) in which I have installed a 9mm extractor and tend to shoot 9x23 Winchester -- bbl. porting is being done at this time. Obviously, none of these are Elites or any other competition model. As far as standard iron sights go, the sights on these work pretty well. However these are my carry guns and I know that I can't rely on always having good lighting. What I (and many others, I believe) would like to have is a gunsmith who will cut the slide to fit a more easily-obtainable low-light combat sight such as the Tru-Glo or Laserlyte sights that are intended for the S&W M&P, Springfield XD, or Sig-Sauer pistols. Were this service available everyone could install whatever sights they like. Being stuck with an orphan rear dovetail and an integral front sight really makes things hard on us.
  12. Just signed up. I'm an old dude, but I like my EAA Witnesses. Not much of a gamester, but rather look at competition as a way to make my shooting better with what I carry on the street -- if it puts me into a higher class, so be it. Glad I found this place.
  13. I have a Witness .38 SA, full-size frame with a full-size and a compact upper. I also experience severe nosediving to the point that I can't even chamber the first round unless I reduce the loaded capacity to 4 or 5 rounds, which is not acceptable. Symptoms are the same with both uppers. The second problem is that the magazines will not accept Winchester Silvertip rounds, even though they are within SAAMI specs they are too long for the mags. Even though I do reload, this pistol MUST function reliably with factory ammo as it is intended primarily as a carry weapon. Does anyone have a solution to either or both of these problems?
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