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Ramshot TAC equivalent powders?


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Hogdon 4895 is next to TAC on some burn charts but it is an extruded powder and will not meter as well or load as easily into a .223 case. Some ball and/or small extruded powders I've used with similar results to TAC were H335 and Benchmark. Both of these are slightly quicker burning powders and have served me well pushing bullets 62gr or less. There is also 8208 XBR in this range, but I've not tried it yet.

For bullets that are heavier I will use Varget. It's extruded but meters well for me. BL-C(2) and Winchester 748 are two others to consider. Neither performed as well as Varget in my rifles. The new CFE 223 looks interesting to me and I will be trying it out this week.

Having problems finding TAC?

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I have used pretty much all of what Kevin suggests. If you are using a powder measure on a progressive machine you will like the ball powders better. With bullets as heavy as you want I usually lean towards the Varget, With a Dillon Powder Measure I use the larger of the two powder bars that are supplied. If loading single stage I run a Redding BR powder measure and trickle the last 1/2 to whole grain in with Varget. For a 69gr Sierra I am running 23.5gr Benchmark loaded to just fit in an AR magazine and this gives amazing accuracy and will meter to within .1gr on my RL550. Accuracy is excellent in all the rifles I use it in.

For a 77gr Sierra for my Remington LTR in 223, I usually use Varget and am now trying CFE, maximum load is 24.3gr but I am trying it at 25gr, but I load longer (2.290") than they suggest, and that is more than accurate enough for me. With the short barrel I am about 100fps slower than they say but that is fine with me. Clean burning, but tends to leave a black residue (not much) in the barrel. When you push the first patch through it does come out very black. Varget is cleaner and currently my old load is a little better for accuracy.

For all my short range shooting in the AR I run BLC2 or 748 pretty much interchangeably. Way cheaper than VArget, which is quicker by 50 - 75 fps in all loads in my rifles, but sometimes I am not shooting stuff far enough away and they are sometimes not so small as to worry about that last 75fps. Plus when you include a bit of operator error the ball powder loads are just fine.

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+1 on Varget I use it in my 223 bolt, AR, 22-250, and my 308 deer hunting load...its also been known to go through my 243 now and then. I have used TAC in the 223s and 22-250, but always go back to Varget.

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I like TAC for 69gr SMK. Spent a long time researching opinions here. Just found out TAC is ALSO one of 2 powders (H335) that is recomended to clone the m193 55gr rounds. Im sticking with it for both since Im getting geared up to load my 55gr stuff in the future.

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