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  1. What is the expected barrel life on a PCC barrel ?
  2. What length barrel is your molot ? Why don't you use the shorter barrel (29 mm, I think) ?
  3. Contact Rob B. Maybe he can help you, too. http://czcustom.com/FirearmsExport.aspx
  4. CzCustom can help you to import JP rifles. I received my LRP07 last year. Now I am waiting for my JP15. If you order Schmeisser or Oberland and you want to add a compensator, change the trigger, the stock,... it is very expensive too. And it will not be the same quality.
  5. Is the tactical surface gripy as the skate grip ?
  6. I do not see the "spike" texture on the gunbuilder... They mention Standard, Tactical and Agressive grip ? Is there a new designation ?
  7. What compensator will fit on the MKA 1919 ?
  8. Hi Isto, What do you think about UP compensator ? Are they effective ? (compared to JP).
  9. Thanks for your reply. I know they use Lothar Walter barrels. But all the others components are UP parts ? On their website, they have a lot of JP parts... Are the UP mil spec ?
  10. Does anyone know Uronen Precision rifles ? Last year I bought a JP LRP07... the rifle looks and works great, very good investment. Now I would like an AR15. But with recents events, I'm afraid to wait long if I order a JP rifle. So what do you think about Uronen Precison rifles (precision, reliability, quality components... I think there is a JP trigger) ? As I live in France, maybe it will be easier to order it, too. Thanks.
  11. Ok, thank you for your answers. Is there an advantage to choose an illuminated reticle ?
  12. Unfortunately, I do not know 3guns shooters (I live in France)... that's why I ask here
  13. Hello, What red dot do you use on your rifle for 3guns ? JPoint is a good choice ? What do you advise ? 4 MOA or 8 MOA ? 1:30 position or above the scope ? If I use a red dot, is it worth to choose a scope with low magnification (1-4) or should I choose a scope with higher magnification (2,5-10) ? Is there an unanimous opinion about reticle style ?
  14. Impossible to find photos of a 18 inch with the XL hand guard. I am hesitating for my LRP07 between XL and rifle hand guard. Can anyone post photos ?
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