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Bayou 180/200 on top of N320


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I got sample packs of each 180gn tcrn and 200gn rn . I have only n320 powder and winchester primers. Tend on using it for now.

I'll be shooting from eaa witness match.

Looking for some loading data for those two bullets.

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40 right. I'm not really that familiar with the EAA series. Does it take a long OAL? If so, 4.9-5.1 gr N320 with an OAL 1.18-1.19 with the 180's is pretty nice. I don't know what feeds in an EAA though. If it's short OAL do not use my powder weight. Start maybe 3.9-4.1

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I have been able to make 168 pf out of my G35 with a KKM barrel using 4.3 N320 under 180 grn Lead TC's @ 1.130 OAL. The lead and bayou coatings have produced very similar velocities for me so that should be a good start. I think most people run closer to 4.8-5.1 out of S_I's loading long, but I just happen to be lucky in that my glock produces higher velocity with less powder than most.

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For me, out of an STI Trojan at 1.180

180gr bullet at 4.8gr of N320 gives 175PF

200gr bullet at 4.1gr of N320 gives 172PF


Nice! Yeah 5.0 at 1.185 was 171 2011STI with a Bar-sto. I haven't developed a load yet for my stock Edge.

Dude you could probably get by with 4.6 and still be at 168-169ish. Bunny fart loads at that point.

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These are all the loads I have tested. I use 3.7gr for major now and 3.1 for minor, at 1.125 out of a Glock 24/KKM barrel

-200 gr Billy Bullet, 3.6gr of n320 166.6 pf

-200 moly 3.8 = 174pf (175.0 at Area 8)

-200 moly 3.2 n320 = 145pf

-200 moly 3.0 n320 – barely just over 125

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Well, I loaded 20 rnds of 180gn on top of 4.6 gn N320 and 20 rnds of 200 gn on top of 4.0 gn, both at about 1.120 oal

180 gn shot a lot softer then 200gn, unfortunatelly i didn chrono it yet but i will load up some more this weekend and test it.

My question is, why is 200 gn with 4.0 grains felt more recoil then 180 gn with 4.6?

I will dial down 200 gn load to 3.7 and test it as well.

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