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  1. SS minor 9mm, production, PCC. Using all the same loads: 147 blue RN @ 1.135 over 3.4 n320
  2. Yes, pistol is an M&P. Optic will be a vortex viper Thank you all! I will explore the options listed.
  3. Looking for some recommendations to get my slide milled for an optic. Any information will be appreciated! Thanks Jeff
  4. Where is a good place to get my slide milled?
  5. STI Trojan in 40 with Tripp mags. Works great!
  6. basman

    CZ Shadows 2 is coming

    I'm looking forward to the Shadow 2 coming out, so I can pick up another shadow 1 !
  7. Put them on the screw, or in grip screw hole. I use this method on all my grips, works great!
  8. Yep, DF and practice mags are the way to go.
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