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  1. No longer an active club.
  2. basman

    Foot speed, general awareness

    Another layer to the onion!
  3. Did the competitor gain an advantage?
  4. basman

    9mm PCC loads

    SS minor 9mm, production, PCC. Using all the same loads: 147 blue RN @ 1.135 over 3.4 n320
  5. basman

    Pistol slide milling for carry optics

    Yes, pistol is an M&P. Optic will be a vortex viper Thank you all! I will explore the options listed.
  6. Looking for some recommendations to get my slide milled for an optic. Any information will be appreciated! Thanks Jeff
  7. Where is a good place to get my slide milled?
  8. basman

    Favorite powder for 9mm Major in open pistols

    1. Autocomp 2. Silhouette 3. 3N37
  9. basman

    1911 .40 S&W for USPSA Single Stack

    STI Trojan in 40 with Tripp mags. Works great!
  10. basman

    CZ Shadows 2 is coming

    I'm looking forward to the Shadow 2 coming out, so I can pick up another shadow 1 !
  11. basman

    How do you keep EGD grip tight?

    Put them on the screw, or in grip screw hole. I use this method on all my grips, works great!
  12. basman

    Dedicated dry fire mags....or not?

    Yep, DF and practice mags are the way to go.