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Caspian Hicap grips. Tape, Aluma and?


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Hogue has some nice wood exotic grips for the Caspian wide-body (midway also carries them for less $$). Of course, Caspian also sells some wood grips for about 30 bucks, but I'm not crazy about how they did the checkering. Might be good, but then again maybe not.

I'm using some old checkered wood grips but have been contemplating getting a set of alumagrips to try. The alumagrips seem like nice grips, but haven't really heard from anybody who actually has them on a widebody.

If you find something you really like, please post it!

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I have the alumagrips on two of mine and love them.

Do you know if the Alumagrips have the relief cut to clear the the first generations grip screw boss (it's like a little integrated grip screw bushing, so on the back side of the grip there would be a counterbore for the boss.)

I am very close to ordering some of the Alumagrips, but I love good wood and find that I keep looking at the cocobolo or green laminate hogues. I donno....

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The grip tape that :wub: Caspian :bow: makes is cut to fit allready and has aluminum in the tape ,I ve used these for years and

they work ut very well. You can talk with Hogue or oneof the grip makers and they may make you about anything you want.

If ya use Caspian girp take set up and have the frame checkered at 25 LPI it is a nice set-up, so it seems to me.


Sailors ;)

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How thin are the Caspian hi cap Aluma grips? Does it make it as thick as a STI/SVI?

Are they slippery? One would imagine that aluminium grips would be quite slippery.

I'd like to experiment with grip options since grip tape on the naked frame is quite... boxy. A big gap on both hands that are begging to be "filled in".

Has anyone put grip tape over aluma grips on their Caspian?

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I contacted the company via email (very prompt reply, BTW)and Alumagrips are 0.156" thick, and for the first generation owners out there the alumagrips do not have the counterbore on the back side for the grip screw boss, but since they are the same thickness as the original wood grips it looks like they can accommodate being relieved for the boss. As a reference my original generation 1 checkered wood grips are 0.150 thick, and I really like the way those feel...they are just getting kind of beat up and one is cracked. Personally, I don't like the boxy feel of the frame without grips.

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The Alumas are quite thin - apparently they are perfect in getting rid of the 2x4 feel of the frame, Get them chequered so no probs with being slippery

That's the best analogy I ever heard for the Caspian feel; 2 X 4.

I have medium sized hands but still felt mine needed something for grip panels.

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One or two years ago Caspian had an ad for a grip compound. You heated it up and stuck it on, molding it with your hands. It might have been Rat Grip. You could put a little on the tape and make your own palm swells.

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Making your own grips would be cool, but as slow as I am I'd spend 10 hours making them! Last time I checkered a smooth set it took me about three hours using a 20lpi checking file... :rolleyes:

I ordered some of the Alumagrips. When they come in I'll update with pics.

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I wanted to follow up with some pics and comments about the alumagrips. First off, the customer service and shipping are A+, questions were quickly answered (even during the SHOT show!) and they arrived a couple days after ordering. In my case for the frame in the pictures I need to counterbore the back for the grip screw boss (1st Gen frame), need to remove some material to clear the EGW magwell, and remove a little material to clear the throw of the the offset mag release button. None of which I have done yet.


1. These are the same thickness with a very similar template as the "stock" Caspian grips.

2. Grip screw locations are good (grip screw locations are the same on all generations of the Caspian widebody frames).

3. The feel of the checkering in the aluminum is very, very good. The points are distinct and sharp, but not overly sharp. Definitely gives a good grip with no slip.

4. The stock wood grips (both panels) weigh 0.57 oz, the Alumagrips weigh in at 1.30 oz.

I'm not sure if I'm going to use these on this frame or on a new build with the current generation frame. Either way I think they are a great grip and look forward to using them.

Here sre some pics, I included some of the stock wood grips and the 1st Gen grip boss for reference.








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