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  1. I use mobil one oil and lubraplate 105 engine assembly grease, Ive used these on all guns for a long long time. Jim Sailors
  2. You ejector looks to me to be the problem, get one of shooters connection tall ejectors, cut the tip of it at 5 degrees top angle and 6 degrees angle bottom with the gun rotated 5 degrees ccw. These ejectors wont fit in your slide so you have to file the little channel to make clearance for it don't take any off the ejector Jim jjanglin@msn.com 402 6505190
  3. Any of you all have any leads on dies for the 22 tcm and some data forreloading?
  4. MIght get ahold of Wolf springs and get some commander length variable springs, see if this solves some of your problems, be sure to : polish the tag ends of your springs, recoil springs rotate upon compression and if the tag ends grab at either end it can relly mess ya up. Ji/Pa Sailors
  5. I use at times Lubriplate engine assemly lube, it is very light and I mostly use it on new builds,Gives the guns a chance to wear in smooth and less likely to gaul and have rough wear spots. been using it since my days in the amorys during the Nam years. I do use sythetic motoroil most of the time by itself. Amsoil cause I use it in my truck. I get a lot of 1911 types in that are not cleaned and lubed properly and this usually costs the customer repairs that wouldnt be if the guns were maintained properly. As far as my wheel guns go I do lube and clean them on a regular basis. Jim Sailors
  6. The grip tape that Caspian makes is cut to fit allready and has aluminum in the tape ,I ve used these for years and they work ut very well. You can talk with Hogue or oneof the grip makers and they may make you about anything you want. If ya use Caspian girp take set up and have the frame checkered at 25 LPI it is a nice set-up, so it seems to me. Jim/Pa Sailors
  7. MIM parts are just fine,folks who hae trouble just go to far into the part withtheir stones etc. I do trigger jobs on all kinds of firearms and dont have any trouble with the MIM parts. Jim Sailors
  8. Say folks; is their a double sided mount for the Delta Point? Need one for the thin Para dust cover. Jim Sailors
  9. I use storm lake machine barrels ,poor accuracy is usually a poorly fit barrel. jim Sailors
  10. Is the mag you are having trouble with the new style welded up or the older style mag. Id be happy tohelp you out if you need help. Jim Sailors
  11. Dont need to use a 6 inch guide rod, EGW,STI & Caspian have reverse plugs that allow you to use a five inch guide rod in a 6 inch gun. Afive inch is much better; so much less friction and less torgue than a 6 inch sprin g also. Jim/Pa Sailors
  12. Eaa offers what they call a 25 round mag,put grams kit in it and you have a 27-28 round 170mm mag. You have to ask them because its not on their web sight. Its much easier and quicker to do it this way . Jim/Pa Sailors
  13. Folks: For Caspian open guns the tactical mag that Caspian sells is what to use in 38super/9mm its what folks refer to as the older style. 9mm open guns arent a problem with this style mag. 38 super new style mags sometimes need a little tweaking, Ive been shooting some of the newer mags in my open gun and have done some 9mm open guns, you have to load 9mm long in most open gun styles. Jim/Pa Sailors
  14. Jim, are the old style shown on Caspian's website? I only see one type offered. Mine look like this. The mags look old but they all worked. The big ones only held 25 in 38 super. How much do you charge for the 170's that you make? YES THOSE ARE THE OLDER STYLE MAGS, CASPIAN SELLS BOTH STYLES AS DOES BROWNELL'S. jIM/pA sAILOR'S
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