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Custom EAA Elite Match


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Ive been working on getting this gun all the parts and work done for close to a year now. I got the good news that it is finished.

I started with the Tanfoglio/Witness Elite Match in .38 super. I purchased a 6" .38 super Briley barrel, EGW Hammer/Sear, Extra Long Firing Pin, Ambi-Safety, Sidewinder Slide Racker, DAA Cmore Mount, Cmore Slideride 6moa, Blue Grips and Trigger Pin/nut from Henning.

I had Canyon Creek Custom put on the their magwell, weld and blend. I had them cut, fit and thread the barrel and add a custom compensator. Rich bobbed the EGW hammer and cut in for the slide racker. I also had him add the square trigger guard. He did his snake belly across the top of the slide and comp. He made sure everything was fitted and functional and Coated the gun in TiAlN and the safety, hammer, mag release and trigger were done in Hard Chrome.

I would like to thank both Rich and Henning for their parts and services.

post-22341-064955100 1294284045_thumb.gi

post-22341-024566500 1294284070_thumb.gi

post-22341-047565400 1294284089_thumb.gi

post-22341-010990700 1294284144_thumb.gi

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I paid 575 for the gun counting shipping and ffl fees.. 1300 for Canyon Creeks.. and then whatever parts I had to order..

I wanted a gun that wasnt just like everyone elses.. if I had started with the gold team.. I probably would have ended up spending that much or more.

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