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  1. B.H.M.

    Another newby from SC

    Welcome to the Upstate! Im in Greenville as well. When I am in town (which isnt very much!) I try and shoot with the boys over in Spartanburg. Great group of guys that were very welcoming. The GCC shoots once a month as well, but cant vouch for them since I have never participated. If you get bored in the winter, Allen Arms has some sort of a shoot each week, from bowling pins, to duck shoots...
  2. Great guy to deal with.

  3. I just hacked the top of the U-Die off right about the "carbide sizing piece" (not sure what its actually called). I left enough threads so that I could use the nut to secure a tupperware piece between the nut and the top of the Gizmo to catch the brass after it is pushed through.
  4. How do I fix the rear sight on my Limited and keep it from coming loose? I read about red loctite... Details: I have not taken it apart. I shot it in a match last weekend, noticed it was coming loose and then threw it in the bag and went out of town on business. Im headed home now and would like to take a look at in the morning. All I remember seeing on the sight were the elevation and left to right adjustment screws. Thanks in advance for your help.
  5. B.H.M.

    40 Caliber Brass

    I am one of the people that doesn't care if it is re-sized. I have to use a push-through U-Die on all my brass, new or used. I would not pay more for resized brass.
  6. After a month or so of reloading on the SDB, I load around 400 rounds an hour. This is with everything setup and ready to go. I am one of the crazy people who has the time and energy to sit down and knock out a thousand rounds in one sitting. I love that little press but have nothing to compare it to as its my first time reloading.
  7. B.H.M.

    Ok I am confused

    As Cha Lee stated above there are some issues when using aftermarket magazine guts and factory ammo. I tried everything I could find on the shelves and had a lot of issues with factory ammo in all of my Henning Competition mags. The ONLY thing that worked for me was to use the UDie as a push through die. I have to do this with new or used brass. I would have sold my Limited if I did not have the resources to reload. There are people who have great luck with factory ammo, I am just not one of them! Just my two cents...
  8. B.H.M.

    Mec-Gar Factory Mags

    My problems with the .40 didnt go away until I used the Gizmo/U-Die as a push through system. Even with new brass loaded to 1.18, 1.2, 1.25 I would get nose dives. Since getting the push through setup everything works great! I was basically forced to start loading my own ammo. I love the way the guns feels and shoots, so all is well that ends well!
  9. I had problem after problem with my Limited .40. Just this week I started following Cha-Lees method of using the U-Die as a push through in a Gizmo and all is now well! I was amazed the first time I loaded up a mag with 21 rounds, there was no longer a gap between rounds and 21 rounds fit easier than ever! Finally!!!
  10. I only shoot pistols so no need to worry about the shotgun and rifle stuff. But I found out that if it would fit in my Competitive Edge bag, I would take it! I started carrying a smaller bag I picked up at the local army-navy store with just the essentials - mags, ammo, mag brush, oil. Everything else is left in the truck.
  11. B.H.M.

    12 gauge?

    I will pass on the same advice given to me time and time again... GO TO A MATCH BEFORE BUYING NEW TOYS! I saw your question about the pistol as well. Hit up a local match, the guys and gals will be more than happy to show off their gear!
  12. B.H.M.


    I shoot my .40 limited gun but it does seem to be that more and more guys are building hi-cap 9mm for 3gun.
  13. B.H.M.

    40 S&W and Clays

    I’ve shot thousands of rounds loaded with 180gr Zero FMJ over 4.5/4.6 grains of Clays at 1.2 to 1.225. Shoots very well. Its accurate, not a lot of smoke, consistent.
  14. B.H.M.

    Dillon Square Deal B

    I bought a SDB from BEnos and love it. It is set up for .40 (all I shoot) and works great. I have no experience changing calibers or primer setup. I adjusted it when I got it for my AOL and powder charge and check that every 100 rounds or so. I shoot a Tanfoglio which needs undersized brass so I have a RCBS single stage press with a Gizmo/U Die setup that I run the brass through first.
  15. B.H.M.

    How much time did you gain?

    I recently started reloading .40 and .45 and noticed a difference between WWB and my reloads, especially with the .45. No idea what it equates to in time, but definitely more fun and enjoyable to shoot!