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Does Chrome or Firefox use less memory (more efficient) then Explorer ?

Firefox's memory usage changes dramatically depending on the add-ons you run. I think it's attraction is the ability to customize it. It has been known to have some memory usage issues with different versions and seems to tie up increasing amounts the longer it stays open on my computer. That's why I tried Chrome.

Chrome is supposed to be a pretty lean browser, that and it waits to render a page until the whole thing is downloaded. Which, to me at least, feels slower than rendering it as it downloads.

Haven't used IE much outside banking and vendor site access at work.

Did I fail to answer your question sufficiently enough? :huh:

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Well, whatever was happening it isn't anymore. Pages are loading fine now. I was having the same issues on Facebook. In the meantime I went back to Firefox and have to say I am pretty impressed with its speed on my Mac.

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