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  1. A few weeks ago, I bought a XL650 and although it works just fine, I do have a question. When the press is stationary in it's lowest position, there is some play on the shellplate station. You can move it a bit round it's axis, is that normal?
  2. Get in contact with the friendly folks at www.IPSCStore.eu they have a lot of CZ parts!
  3. I sold my Dillon Square Deal a few weeks ago and bought a 650 with the casefeeder, and I love it!
  4. I'm thinking if upgrading from a CZ to a Tanfoglio, but I have no use for the huge magwell on the Limited HC models. Is it possible to remove the magwell and install 'long' grips, or am I missing something?
  5. Welcome Roy and I just might see you at an IPSC match in 2017!
  6. Are the frames on the black Shadow 2's polycoated? It looks that way in the pics, but the guns that I handled at the IWA show had the same finish on frame and slide (and that wasn't polycoat).
  7. Thanks, I think I'll give the Lightning Strike a try: the Dawson's look cool, but it's difficult to get them shipped :-(
  8. I'm thinking of replacing my stock Glock floorplates with some aluminum plates. Since I live in The Netherlands, it's a bit hard to get certain brands, so I narrowed it down to these: Lightning Strike http://www.brownells.com/magazines/handgun-magazines/magazine-parts/magazine-extension/extended-magazine-pads-for-glock--prod9519.aspx?dym=y Competition Ready Solutions https://glockparts.com/Detail.aspx?PROD=1079814&CAT=9639 Springer Precision http://www.rockyourglock.com/custom/SPGEZ25BP.htm It's seems like they all attach the same way as the stock plates, but are they also as hard
  9. My wife's collegue is visiting Miami's South Beach and he wants to shoot some guns. He doesn't know much about guns, so he seeks something nice but I don't want to sent him to a hugely expensive tourist trap ;-) Any suggestions?
  10. Some pictures I took at the IWA.......
  11. pevadijk

    CZ75 Pre B

    This is what a 'short rail' 75 looks like. I live in Europe and is this region CZ's are very common (and cheap), but I haven't seen short rail version for a very long time, so I guess they must be very rare in the US?
  12. A CZcustom competition hammer usually makes for a nice crisp trigger, so I guess a CGW hammer also does the trick?
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