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  1. Complete classifier course book is here: https://www.uspsa.org/classifiers/NCCB_4.1_2016.pdf
  2. 12lb Wolff recoil spring & 20lb Wolff mainspring for me. I've played with 11lb recoil springs and the gun runs fine with them but I get a "chugging" sensation as the slide returns to battery.
  3. I started wearing UA heat gear long sleeve shirts last year after discovering some skin cancer. I don't find it to provide any kind of performance improvement but it is very comfortable in the heat and provides some peace of mind, though I still wear sun block under it.
  4. Before getting a 550 I loaded and shot close to 7k coated lead 9MM on a single stage using a combo seater/crimp die... never noticed any excessive shaving of the coating, leading of the barrel, smoke, accuracy issues or anything else to indicate that combo seating and crimping was doing anything 'bad' to my reloads. I used a Redding die.
  5. I've seen it many times, and it has happened to me more than once which why I always press check now. As others have pointed out it is pretty much always mag related, most frequently a result of simply not seating the magazine all the way.
  6. You should be getting 20 9MM in an OEM mag. 21 in a .40 cal is with an extension and CZ Custom spring/follower.
  7. Nice setup. I see what you are saying with reloads. The other thing that jumped out at me... move hard! Some of those boxes have pretty good distance between them and your just sort of trotting along at a consistent pace regardless of whether you're reloading or setting up or just covering ground.
  8. Richard's son Matt was still shooting himself in his company's (Armor Express) vests as recently as a few years back. Must run in the family lol.
  9. Love these throw-back vids you've been posting. Thanks!
  10. I just installed the sear spring & trigger return spring last night, decided not to fiddle with the striker spring. It definitely lightens the pull significantly, but on the downside also lightens the return/reset which is weak to begin with IMO. I dry fired it quite a bit between last night and this morning and really don't have a strong opinion one way or the other on it. I'm hoping to get out for some live fire Wed or Thu so I'll have a better feel for it then. Installation is easy as long as you have a set of precision tweezers/pliers to manipulate and position the sear sprign and p
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