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Few questions for the seasoned glocksters. Upgrading my G34 for production and am looking at springs etc. My concern is that changing springs might cause erratic trigger reset, feeding.

Do the reduced striker springs work well? I've seen the stuff on Glockmeister website.

Also, I'm thinking about going with an ISMI captured rod and 13lb ISMI spring. Any issues with this? USing 135 - 140 PF loads. Using the stock spring, 2nd shots are low which, in 1911 terms, means less spring is needed.

I've worked a lot with tuning 1911's, but since Glocks are different, I want to make sure I'm going in the right direction.

Also, if the spring is too light, what will be affected? The take down catch, locking block or ?


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You may end up 'tuning' that 13# ISMI spring by clipping a few coils off. That is a pretty good spring to start with. Buy several and start experimenting. The gun should cycle and feel real good at 135-140pf with a few coils cut off.

And ditto on the Vanek trigger, of course.

Send Charlie an email if you are interested in a dependable 1.5# (at least) smooth Glock trigger. All safeties function, and reset and overtravel are dramatically shortened.


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Please, spend $0.00 on springs for your Glock trigger.

Spend $175.00 plus return shipping and send your gun to Charlie Vanek. You will not regret the investment. Certainly won't regret the saved time & aggrevation.

If you could afford a Lexus, would you drive a Kia? The difference is that big.

"2nd shots are low" just means you are timing your recoil response for a different spring than what you changed to. See Matt Burkett's website & dvd's. Having said that, 13lb recoil spring is most likely all you need or too much - for reliable functioning.

If you seat your primers really well, the 4lb striker spring will light off WSR primers. If you really mess up seating, even FSP primers will fail now & then. I've had no misfires on any gun since going to tumbling - sizing - 1shot lube the primer pockets - load. Extra effort, but gun goes bang every time.

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Thanks for the feedback everyone.

Have not shot production in two years so I'll see if I can live with minor. Then I'll send it to Charlie.

Picked up the Wolff Reduced striker spring, some ISMI 13 lb springs and a SS Guide rod.

Did some stoning and polishing and now the pull is down to 2.75 lbs which is a huge improvement. Still has a lot of take up but I've been spoiled by a 1 lb 9 oz Open gun!!

The 13 lb spring is the same length as the stock spring so it was left alone, for now.

Thanks again!

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I haven't tried the Vanek trigger, and I know a lot of folks here are very happy with them.

I have a CGR Top Fuel trigger, it's been great and totally relliable for around 10,000 rounds. I think he has reduced his pricing as well to $125.

The pull is a smooth 2.5 lbs, crisp reset. No titanium.

The tungsten guide rod CGR sells also makes a difference (adds about 2oz to front of muzzle). If you reload you can acheive some really soft loads but you will need lighter recoil springs. Probably 13#.

Change the sights first.

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