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  1. i use my 24 for action pistol, so i benched my gun to see how it shoots at 50. with sand bags off the bench it groups right at 5 inchs, from the prone add about a inch more. this is my ipsc gun and i get 2 inch groups give or take a bit at 25 yards.
  2. I’m one of those guys that has shot thousands of cast bullets through my Glock. And I still say to make sure that you have a good soft lube. For a long time I use a brand that had a messy lube but the bullets were rock hard. They shot great, and I didn’t have to clean the barrel very often. That company went out of business so I switched to another brand, these bullets were also very hard. Well it happened. getting ready for a match I cleaned the barrel, and 70 rounds into the match kb. Luckily I was alright and the gun was except for the barrel. So I got a KKM and loaded up the same bullets.
  3. i find that it's not how hard the bullets are, but does it have a good lube. if a bullet is to hard it won't bump up and fill the rifling, and you'll get gas blow by which will cause leading. with a bhn around 15 and a soft lube you should be all right.
  4. i've shoot plenty of lead out of my glocks,used one local brand hard as nails with real soft lube they shoot great 500 or more with no real leading, then i ran out so i bought another brand just as hard but they had a hard lube that even broke in the grove. these leaded my barrel bad after 50 or 60 rounds had to give them up. i think it was the lube if you don't have a soft lube it could lead your barrel fast.
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