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  1. OK, The G29 fits my hand well also, but I was thinking of using it in Limited with extended mags and a .40 barrell. Please keep us posted on your progress. Many thanks to Flexmoney for his perseverance and lobbying efforts on the legality of swapping .40 caliber barrells into our .40 caliber 10mm Glock frames in USPSA. It seems pretty obvious that it should be legal, at least for Limited... Tom Bergman
  2. twix

    My S&j Major 9 Review

    That is an awesome looking Glock. I am curious why the designer, especially considering the slide-to-frame fit work they do, decided to go with the C-more instead of slide mounted J-point? It seems with an excellent slide to frame lock-up as SJC provides that the J-Point may be a viable option? The possible advantages would include a slightly lower sight to to slide, a perhaps more natural shooting position, especially for one who shoots conventionally sighted pistols. I am guessing that the potential reliability of C-more set-up is better? I am just curious about some of the design decisions that went into this apparently state of the art Glock open class blaster. I am pretty sure I want one, BTW.
  3. Hear hear! for DougC. Tom Bergman
  4. Wow, a Glock trigger thread with Flex, Tdean, and was ole SS on here too? Feels like old times. I bought an expensive trigger job several years ago and it has held up just great, I still shoot it. Best advice? TDEAN. And to summarize what he and Flex$ said, the Glock can stand for a little improvement in the trigger area but you don't have to spend a bunch and make sure it still works. Before you do that buy some good sights. Good advice from a pair of Glock GM's. Sounds like Ralph has a great deal going, can't wait to meet him. TomB
  5. Thanks, stud. And TL , BS. You can see how often I get to the internet these days, suprised I didn't hve another birthday in the interim. TomB
  6. twix

    Joe Pa

    JoePa is a class act. Glad to see you Buckeyes showing the same class in defeat. Sign Me, MSU Spartan Fan
  7. I like David Allen Coe and Vince Gill for two extremes of what I would call "pure country". There are now three generations of Hank Williams. An excellent microcosm of the history of country music. I liken the musical group Alabama as the bridge from "old country" to the new. I think you will like all of the above. tomB
  8. Thanks for the replies on the extended magazine release gentlemen. I am thinking that if I am going to do a trigger job and scrap the stock sights for the "AH Approved" sights anyway, I might as well start with the 75B(a great set of sights is just all the difference, isn't it?). Feel free to clarify my "C" class shooter thinking with your experiences, please.
  9. twix

    Fun R. O. 's

    3QT, of course! Just one look and you should realize it's supposed to be fun.
  10. May I tag on to this thread with a query about the extended mag release available on the Combat 85? I am surmising that this would be an illegal addition (external modification) to a 75B model, correct? How much difference does the extended mag release make, say compared to a Glock standard/ extended magazine release? And, would the addition of slimmer grips on the 75B alleviate the need for the extended magrelease? Summary: I don't want to buy an 85 combat just for the extended mag release.
  11. I RO'd "Like a Hurricane" on Saturday. It was fun to meet some of the BEnosverse in person. I hope some of ya'll got to say hi to the Rhino in the clubhouse doing the scoring. I miss his wit on our forum. Walt Rosenquist and his right hand Mary pulled off another smoothly run and challenging match. I didn't get to thank you at the match, so thank you and well done. Dave Ball (Rangemaster) and family again demonstrated their dedication and flair for evil stage design. Witness "Go Your Own Way", another Dave Ball torture chamber. Truly great stuff D-Lo, thanks. Wayne Patmore was there for the duration setting up, tearing down and RO'ing. Great support for the sport and not usually recognized. Next time let me know you are coming so I can set you up. TomB
  12. Bunch of smarty-pants aren't they? All factory STI's are not created equal,so a personal trial by the buyer may add some value. Brand new with four mags is over $2000 so a slightly used nicely fitted blaster would be worth $400-500 less, sight unseen? I'm not sure if the particular sights you have add any value, they wouldn't for me, but that can be a highly subjective thing, i.e. sight picture preference. Always the best advice- keep it and find another way to finance the new blaster. There will surely come a day when you will wish for it again. Good luck, TomB
  13. twix

    Adios, Pamplona

    No no! The (at first glance) Michigan State Police officer with his arms spread is yelling to peers,"Don't hurt the buffalo, Ted needs it for the show tonight!"
  14. twix

    Unwanted Guest

    Holy Crap. How about some captions for the first pic? Here's mine, "I said, that's my parking space."
  15. HKSniperman says "A 550 with a bunch of toolheads and a Rockchucker." What a great set up. Jake Martens from Indy, are you shooting IPSC/USPSA? Send me a PM. Tom Bergman
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