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It's funny this poll should show up, just a week after I called Chuck, at Shooter's Connection and ordered a Bedell shorty, in .38 Supercomp.

Although I have always shot limited, last year, I finally took the plunge, to a .38 super, open gun, that is built on a Para frame. It is really cool to actually be able to see the sight, AND the target again, but, to me, the full sized open gun handles like a club. My draw times, with the open gun really suck! I'm hoping that with the lighter, shorter gun, I can get it back down to where it should be.

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Hangin' Chad,

I doubt that,....

I'm shooting a SVI with C-more for almost 6 years now, never ever encoutered any problems with my SVI and my C-More while some of my fellow shooters encoutered problems with their OKO, Dot on, dot off, etc., problem due to the electric contacts of the battery.... :(

DVC and with kind regards, Henny.

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I don't doubt that you've seen some OKO's give other people trouble.

It sounds like you got lucky with your Cmore, and if you tell me that you've seen OKO's give people more trouble than Cmore's, I won't beleive you.

I do have a friend that has recently became a STI dealer, he filled me in on the history of the OKO. According to him the first generation of OKO's were not very good, he said when he started shooting open (many moons ago) he chose to try an OKO. Unfortunately he was shooting a stage and the sight just blew up, the sight just simply went from one piece to several pieces on the ground. he stated that they have fixed many problems since then, and that today's product is a very nice unit and that he is trying to push this product on his custom guns.

I can't count how many times I have seen a competitor throw 6 rds at each target and look up and say "the dot died", look at the gun and it's a Cmore.

Over 50% of the people I know that shoot Cmore say that they don't get true linear movement when zeroing, adjust windage to center, adjust elev and windage is off and vise versa, basically a viscious circle, no thanks. If you think about it, you're are bending plastic to make these adjustments, duh. I've have also seen too many posts on here on how to fix the intermittent dot on a Cmore.

I beleive that there is a much lower % chance of me losing my dot on an OKO than a Cmore, but, lets look at it htis way, let's say it is a 50/50 chance between the two, atleast OKO was smart enough to give you an aux set of fixed sights to use inthis situation and quite possibly keep you in the race for the win.

I'm just trying to give you all of the info I came up with before I bought my sight.


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The main flaw of the OKO, imo, is the way it attaches to the mount. One screw in each corner housed by plastic. I have seen more than one crack here. I know the Serendipity has plastic legs as well, but the Railway is attached to an Alchin or similar mount in a much more secure fashion than an OKO. Don't get me wrong, I think they are a viable alternative and I also like the backup sights, but if they were far superior to that other plastic sight I think you would see many more in use.

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I don't think that it is fair to compare how many broken C-mores we have seen in relation to the number of broken OKOs. When was the last time you saw a Ferrari broken down at the side of the road? I can't tell you the last time I saw a Ferrari on the road period, much less broken down. At an average match you will have 90% of the Open competitors shooting C-more and might have one OKO, if any.

I think that a C-more, when mounted on a metal mount, is about the most durable and reliable scope available today. My experience goes back to the early 90's when Barnhardt (and others) got the optical sight craze started with the Tasco PDPs. Tascos broke, Holosights broke, Gilmores broke, Omnis broke and everything will eventually break on an IPSC gun.

Your comments on zeroing a C-more are valid. If I had to re-zero my C-more weekly it could become a factor, but it is not that big of a deal to re-zero the gun one or twice a year.

I hope you have great luck with your OKO and the latest generation may someday prove to be the best and most reliable sight yet ... but they will have to become widely used and prove their durability before I buy one. Having one person use one for 6 months without a problem does not prove much.


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I'm with Leo here,

all of those sights will break during time. I had to modify my C-more as well because of cracks in screwholes where the C-more is mounted to the gun.

Drummen Custon Guns repaired/modified this flaw with an aluminium mount. Works well.

Hans-Peter Schaefer, a big STI-distributor, Bonn, Germany, fitted his STI-guns with the OKO dots but for now he's back to C-more because of warrantee-problems.

Chad you're right in your statement about the auxilary sight and the zeroing of the C-More Dot-sight. Let there be no mistake about that!

DVC, Henny. ;) I'm just driving a Porsche not a Ferrari. B)

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Dear Henny

Thats only part of the story,all sights are possible on HPS-guns

Its only customer-choice,and I agree with the opinion that in time

all parts go kaputt.

This year ill be shooting the OKO,because I like the battery it uses,

I like the alu mount,I like that it closer to the slide than a c-more,

I don't like the spare sight its like they are not sure of there product.

But thats all my opinion.

I also like the Shorty open Gun they now offer.

C it at HPS-guns.de under the yellow news button

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