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  1. There really is no right or wrong when it comes to trophy only vs. cash payback or prize table; just different. Each format has its proponents and detractors. Linda thanks for that breakdown! I too pledge my support to Mark and the RBGC crew! I know they will put on a great show!
  2. Peter's breakdown is a good one. A cash payback or prize table match is going to have a higher entry fee by design, it is a necessity. It all depends on what you like; each format (trophy only, prize table, cash payback) has its fans. Different strokes for different folks. I certainly don't think the entry fee is out of line for a cash payback. Also, I wasn't trying to sabotage getting your entries in quickly if this match is going to be on your calendar (hopefully it is.) Enter early and often
  3. With room for 275 shooters I think you can rest assured that you will find a spot
  4. Knew the Reznor original before the Cash cover but could never pick which one I like more.
  5. Riverbend Gun Club (awaiting final approval from the board) in October. Traditional format (RO's on Fri. Competitors Sat./Sun)
  6. John, I don't know what to say. I have been in a state of disbelief since finding out. Please don't hesitate to let any of us know if you need anything at all or just to talk.
  7. Thank you for the kind words. Carlos and I would really like to thank the RO's and other staff. They are the ones that make it possible. Bill and Ed in stats and Debi in registration were invaluable. Many thanks to Bobby Crump for being our Rangemaster as well, he has done so 3 of the 4 years that we hosted the match. Thanks to our Match Sponsor Glock as well as all of our other sponsors; S&W, STI, Speed Shooters Specialties, DocterUSA, Millenium Custom, CPWSA, SAW Custom and TechWear to name a few! Most of all thanks to the competitors that come and shoot this match. We really appreciate your support and hope you enjoyed our range and the stages this year. Just as an FYI we will be on hiatus for 2008. Cherokee Gun Club has hosted our State Championship for the last four years running and we will be taking a break. A decision regarding venue has not yet been made but we do have a new GA club NW of Atlanta that may want to give it a whirl! Thanks again
  8. Unfortunately Max, Travis and team are not registered for the match. Scheduling conflicts I guess.
  9. Well, that is strange. Anyway I have 210 folks comin' to shoot. As this match is being run as a Level 2, the approval came from my SC and AD and not NROI. That is what the rulebook says to do. We are looking into it.
  10. Before everyone gets too uptight, the star will be fixed in place; kinda like a star shaped plate rack, if you will.
  11. Yep, old ad copy on iShot. We can take care of it before the final printed version. Thanks. No, there is no where to look to see who is shooting the match and when. However if you are a non registered person, a member of USPSA, a resident of the GA Section and have time to show up to watch, I am sure I can find something for you to do
  12. 195 registered right now. The stages are in the hands of Carlos to put up on the website. Please don't send any more entries for Saturday as we are full for both sessions that day. There are limited spots left on Friday.
  13. What do you want stages for? So you can set 'em up and practice. I like keeping you in suspense.... We will try to have them up by tomorrow. By the way, Saturday is full. If you want to shoot the match, Friday has limited space.
  14. Saturday AM is full. There are 6 slots open for Saturday PM.
  15. As it stands right now, there are 8 slots left for Sat. AM and 14 left for Sat. PM. Friday has plenty of room.
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